Flair: What to expect at and how to prepare for Blogher

The ladies (and men) are gearing up for another fantastic Blogher, this time in fabulous New York City!  I am so excited to attend and hang with this great group of gals (and maybe learn a thing or two also!)  Here are the how to’s, the what’s it about, and the keeping sane at Blogher’10.

Cathy at Let’s Be Green tells how she plans to “maintain my green habits while planning, traveling to, and participating in BlogHer”

Vodka Mom shares the tips she learned at Blogher last year and keeps you laughing the whole time.  This is something I would do…

“Always check your itinerary before laughing and chatting in the lobby of your hotel thinking you have HOURS until your flight. Odds are great that you have 45 minutes.”

Elizabeth Table for Five has 10 tips to get through Blogher including

“Start drinking extra water NOW , especially if you are flying to the conference”

Good advice and I am putting the coffee down now 🙁

Undomesticated Diva says not to forget the Extra Strength Tylenol.  They should be a sponsor!

Rock and Drool has some great newbie advice and Mom Spark gives us tips on what to expect.

Now who else is as excited as I am?

photo credit Linda Sellers Flickr

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