Spring Clean Your Home But Keep Your Identity Safe – Fellowes Giveaway

The groundhog predicted an early Spring this year and depending on where you live, you’re either raising your glass to him or cursing him. But no matter what his forecast was, Spring really is just right around the corner even if it doesn’t quite feel like it yet.

And with Spring comes that urge to throw windows open, air out the house and get rid of months worth of accumulated stuff. However, when you air out your filing cabinets, just be sure you don’t toss documents that could compromise the security of your identity.

The best way to properly dispose of private, paper documents is to shred them with a cross-cut paper shredder. We have teamed up with Fellowes to give one of our members the chance to win the most innovative paper shredder yet!

“The Fellowes P-12C paper shredder is a durable, innovative and affordable machine. With Fellowes’ industry-leading technologies, the P-12C provides high-security and is safe for family environments.”

Here’s what makes this paper shredder different from the others:

  • To ensure high-security against identity thieves, the P-12C features Cross-Cut technology, which destroys a single sheet of paper into nearly 399 particles.
  • The P-12C also includes Fellowes’ patented SafeSense technology, which disables the shredder when it senses hands or large pets come too close to the paper opening.
  • The P-12C can also shred staples, credit cards and paper clips to help speed up your spring cleaning process.
  • Its slim profile design allows the P-12C to fit in any office environment, including under desks or in kitchens and other rooms.

The P-12C has a suggested retail price of $89.99 and is available at Target Stores nationwide.

We’re giving away one Fellowes P-12C paper shredder on the O2O blog! Here’s the deal. First, if you are a One2One Network blogger and have signed up for the blog posting portion of the campaign, this giveaway is not for you. We’re reaching out to those who were unable to participate in the posting campaign. Second, you must be a One2One Network member to enter. Not a member? It’s so easy to sign up!

**The giveaway is closed. Congratulations to the winner, Leslie M. of Live, Laugh, Love With Leslie! **

To enter you must:

Leave a comment telling us the first Spring cleaning project you plan on tackling.

For additional entries you can:

Leave a comment for each additional entry. Please include the permalink for your tweet in your comment, one tweet per person.

This giveaway runs through Midnight, March 2nd, 2011. Winner will be drawn by random number generator and will be contacted by e-mail. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to the e-mail, if no response is received within 48 hours, a new winner will be selected. Winner will be announced in this blog post no later than March 31, 2011.


  1. I plan on washing my windows! The house seem dull and I need them nice and clean to get some sunshine!

  2. My first project is to get rid of all this paper that has been sitting here piling up but I can’t just throw it away. It needs to be shredded and I’ve been putting off getting a shredder.

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  4. sandi kowalski says:

    This would really come in handy.. Id love to shred all my bills

  5. I am going to tackle pulling out the oven and fridge and clean under and behind them! Gross! Its got to be done!!!

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  9. Lauren Sacks says:

    I am going to start by cleaning out the kitchen. I want to refinish our cabinets so I want to do a total clean overhaul before I do the cabinets.

  10. I plan to go through my file cabinet and clean it out.

  11. Christina G says:

    I’m going to clean out our huge filing cabinet – ugh…

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  13. I plan on going through the notebooks currently sitting in a box in the office.

  14. I plan on giving my floors a really good scrubbing. With all the snow,Ice and rain…and 2 dogs with a muddy backyard…My floors have not known clean in a very long time..

  15. Christina G says:

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  18. I plan on tackling the filing I have been putting off!

  19. I am going to tackle my spare bedroom,it has become a storage room.

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  20. I plan on doing my taxes so I can clean out last year’s paperwork.

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  24. Christina G says:
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  28. My linen closets!!!!

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  31. My first project is to clean up the backyard so my girls have a safe place to play outside.

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  33. Christina G says:
  34. My first project will be to go through my bill drawer and get rid of all of my old paid bills. Then my next one will be to go through all of my old house list and project lists and get rid of them. Then on to the actual cleaning, behind couches, behind the fridge. busy busy busy lol

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  36. My first Spring cleaning project will be to go through my old tax files and discard the really old ones… I have kept some more than 10 years! It’s time to shred!

  37. I love it and yes its spring cleaning time and I definately need a shredder

  38. Spring cleaning starts with cleaning the carpets and mving the fridge and stove to clean behind them.

  39. I would love to win this.

  40. My first order of cleaning business come spring will have to be my yard. Once that warm weather hits I want to be out in the sunshine !!!

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  42. Lynn Baroun says:

    To spring clean I would like to clean the upstairs of unwanted old school materials that are just taking up space. The Fellowes P-12C shredder will gobble those up.

  43. I can’t wait to clear out our basement, give it a fresh coat of paint, and move my oldest son down there so I don’t have to listen to him & his brother argue about who cleans which half of their room.

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  46. Ida McCarty says:

    The first order of business is to clean off the dead brush and leaves in my garden, so that I can start planting seed in my organic garden. The first crop should be up by June-July

  47. Kimberly Shadwick says:

    I plan on purging all the junk stashed in & on my entertainment center. this will be one big job. It holds about 200 movies,100 games & 100 music CDs….it is the catch all piece of furniture—coupons,receipts,bills,important forms & papers….many pet supplies & candles too. this will take me a week to go through everything. I even have about 50 VCR tapes stored in there—-some are band new & still sealed!!!!!!!!!!!! need to sell these!!!

  48. Ida McCarty says:

    I am a twitter and facebook follower

  49. I’m a FB follower of One2One

  50. The first thing I’m going to tackle if I win is the overflowing file cabinet. I’m afraid to throw any of those papers into the garbage. If no win it will be the closets!

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  53. I’m tackling the boxes in the basement with unknown clutter inside!

  54. I plan on cleaning out all the closets and my kids bedrooms, they have way to many toys, time to get rid of some.

  55. my first job will be going room by room starting with the kitchen it really needs a good cleanout especially the files cabinets in the back room

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  58. I am eager to clean out the shed, organize the outside toys and see my kids ride their bikes.

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  61. I look forward to organizing our “junk” room

  62. i need to purge the kid’s play area… WAY TOO MANY toys.

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  69. sorry did my mandetory entry last (SORRY)
    my first spring cleaning project will be our office, getting it converted to a play room

  70. I need to wash my windows so I can see the sunlight better 🙂

  71. I like having all the drapes cleaned. Clean the windows-

  72. I have two spring cleaning items right now on my list. First one most likely will be cleaning out my closet and donating a lot of old clothing to goodwill. The other spring cleaning chore is going to be getting my backyard in order from the lost of plants in the last cold snap.

  73. getting my clothes off the floor and in drawers

  74. My first project is the junk drawers in the dinning room. *ugh*

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  77. My first act of Spring Cleaning would be to go through my file cabinets and files to file. WOW That would make my dresser and cabinets looks so much nicer and help me feel more organized.

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  80. Cleaning the windows!!

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    My 1st Spring Cleaning Task will be to rid this house of germs! Strip all the beds and air out the bedrooms and wipe down all doorknobs, handles, remotes railings. We have been hit hard with bugs the past 2 months..I am ready for SPRING!

  84. I plan on cleaning my kid’s bedrooms..The amount of paperwork they bring from school is unbelievable and I’m currently weeding them out today..The shredder would be perfect for our household needs:)

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  87. Two words: Junk Drawer.

  88. I am cleaning out my huge paperback book collection. Time to share the titles with other readers.

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  92. Actually, sorting through papers is probably the first item I will tackle! I get so bogged down by piles… time to sort, save and shred!

  93. First things first: Clean out the greenhouse

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  96. My first Springs Cleaning Project will be tackling will be my office/studio/spare bedroom!
    Thanks for the great opportunity for the chance to win a Fellowes P-12C paper shredder!

  97. mary ortiz says:

    I have been a victim of identity theft and know how difficult it could be to get cleared and even then you are never sure of it and I would love to win a shredder it would help with my mail and disposal. thanks for offering and please be alert to this matter!

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  101. Mabbline Nichols says:

    I love Fellows products and One2One Network is awesome too.

  102. Wow…this would be a GREAT prize to win! My first project this spring is the Home Office, I have to rid myself of all the papers. This shredder would be a HUGE help!

  103. Vesna Kidd says:

    Our office is definitely the next place to organize. Would love to win this shredder, as it would be a great help.

  104. I plan on giving the house a major deep clean.

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  108. Tweeted about the giveaway. (@WhiteWhimsies)

  109. Talking about spring cleaning.Yikes… I have to laugh about that one. This would make a great prize:)… considering everytime I purchase a paper shredder. I never get finish getting rid of all the junk papers, etc. The darn shredders always seem to break or jam on me. So my papers always pile up and can be a bit overwhelming.

  110. My first project is to clean out the playroom/office since it will be a nursery for our second baby.

  111. My first Spring cleaning project that I’m plan on tackling is my office.

  112. My first spring cleaning project is to clean out and organize the clutter in my basement. In my basement I have a filing cabinet in my full of papers that I’d love to try the shredder with!!

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  117. My first project will be to clean my home office. Not only is it my office I also used that space as my “cat’s room”. Until recently I had three cats. Now with only a dog left to keep me company I plan to really scrub that room! Additionally I have piles of paperwork to be sorted and filed or shredded. Photos to be sorted, scanned and boxed. Cabinets needed to be purged. Windows cleaned. Carpet cleaned. Endless……….

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  119. The first Spring cleaning project I plan on tackling is my office. It is a mess in there. I throw everything in there. I have a to shred pile. I have a to file pile. There are piles on top of piles.

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  124. I plan to start by taking up carpet in my den and transforming it into a bedroom.Hope to get rid of much needed extra stuff and clutter in the process!!!

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  128. Proud One2One member. My Spring cleaning goal is to reorganize my office / craft room and separate out all my blog / craft / personal stuff from each other!

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  132. I have started clean spring, the last room to do is my office, I can’t seem to tackle it. The shredder would be unreal to have, I have never had one, I will probably by one if I don’t win this. Hopefully I will.

  133. My first srping cleaning project will be cleaning out my filing cabinet! This would come in handy since I just broke my shredder and have a back-up of shredding to do.

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  135. My spring cleaning is going to be painting the entrance and living room

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  139. Vicki Wurgler says:

    first spring cleaning job will be the family room-windows next

  140. My first cleaning project is to clean out the basement.

  141. First project would be closets!

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    My FIRST project that is very much needed is to clear the paper clutter

  146. I definitely need to sort/throw away/and shred the BIG stack of papers waiting for me upstairs!

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  148. I have already started my spring cleaning with all this sunshine, it gives me energy. I am tacking my overgrown piles of papers in my office. I do not have a shredder, so I have to cross out all the necessary information and rip all papers by hand. It is a long task, but much needed!

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  151. I will take care of all the paper my husband hoards. Bills, paperwork, old credit cards that we are scared to throw out.

  152. Sonia Pranger says:

    First project will be the grime on kitchen walls, cabinets and stove hood.

  153. Deborah Holman says:

    My first project is tackeling the file cabinet.

  154. First job is to clean up the garage.

  155. put away winter clothes will be my first!

  156. My first spring cleaning project to tackle is going to be the basement! Going through everything, throwing away or donating what I don’t need or want anymore and then cleaning it wall to wall.

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  160. I am planning on tackling and going through all of the boxes in our garage!!

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  163. The first thing I would spring clean is my closet!

  164. I like one2one on Facebook!

  165. Would have to be to dust everything in the whole room.

  166. Well I live in Punxsutawney (Just down the road from the famous Phil the groundhog) and my first spring cleaning job was shoveling the 8 inches of show off my sidewalks yesterday. Early Spring? Where?

  167. Sharon Haas says:

    I have 20 years of bank and tax records to thin out.

  168. The first thing I am going to tackle is my hall closet that has everything in it from towels to sheets to old papers that I don’t need any more, so a shredder would come in real handy!

  169. I tweeted the contest- I’m going to safely Spring clean my paper documents with a Fellowes paper shredder from @one2onenetwork


  170. The first thing I am going to tackle for spring cleaning is my office…. ORGANIZE and PITCH things out!

  171. No spring cleaning this year! More like preparations for our twins boys that are due in just a few weeks!

  172. Also “liked” Felllowes on FB!

  173. Maria Garcia says:

    One of the first projects I want to tackle is the garage! I am turning the space into an office and I have boxes to sift through and things to move around. I can’t wait to dig in and get it done!!

  174. Pamela Hoelscher says:

    The first thing I am doing is a deep cleaning in my kitchen, starting with the cupboards.

  175. Fingers crossed! Would love to win this for Spring cleaning! The first project I plan on tackling is reorganizing my closet!

  176. Cleaning up my desk

  177. The first project I would tackle is shreadding all the old bank statements for myself and my landlord from over 10 years ago. She is elderly and has kept everything since before she has inherited this house. In the basement there are documents from when her mother was alive. I think just in shredding alone it would take a few days to do. To get her to let go of her hoarding of papers I have been working on that for the past 3 years and she is FINALLY willing to give up some of the crates of old papers.

  178. Alice Forbes says:

    My first project is to file the pile of papers in my basket on top of my desk and get rid of old, no longer usable info, but needs to be shredded

  179. Alice Forbes says:

    I’m going to safely Spring clean my paper documents with a Fellowes paper shredder from @one2onenetwork
    I tweeted

  180. Alice Forbes says:

    I am following one to one on facebook

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    I am following fellowes on facebook

  182. Elaine Lund says:

    The first spring cleaning project I plan on tackling is to clean the windows, then on to the closets.

  183. Elaine Lund says:

    I like Fellowes on FB as Elaine Lund

  184. Elaine Lund says:
  185. Elaine Lund says:

    I follow on Twitter as elund323

  186. I will definitely need a shredder. I have to shred by hand and it is quite the task.

  187. My first Spring Cleaning project will be to clean the floors well! I’ve been using my new Shark steam mop and love it but with the snow melting and mud forming, I can’t keep up with the dogs tracking stuff in!

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  189. I plan on going through my files in the basement!

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  192. I plan on cleaning out all of my paper work and finally get organized using the new Fellowes.

  193. The first spring cleaning project on my to-do list is cleaning out paperwork. I need to file the un-filed and destroy old paperwork. A shredder would be PERFECT for this task!

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  197. The first spring cleaning project I’m doing is my bedroom!

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  199. My first spring cleaning project is compiling my finances, shredding old or obsolete documents, statements, etc in order to complete tax season as soon as possible. Then on to recipe sorting! Fun!!/dwynath/status/40557793496801280

  200. Already started my spring cleaning. Working on my sewing/craft area. I have recycled, gotten ready for shredding and given away several boxes of stuff already. A shredder would make me so happy. i wouldn’t have to wait for my community free shredding day!

  201. I want to clean my basement and spare bedroom.

  202. Cleaning out our storage unit. I want to declutter and start saving that monthly rental fee.

  203. My music room/office has many, many boxes and piles that have grown over the last year – time to excavate and reclaim more space in there!

  204. The first spring cleaning project I plan to do is my closet.

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  208. my first thing to tackle will be my junk drawer…all 3 of them!

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  211. My mom just passed away, so my first spring cleaning task will be clearing out all of her closets, shelves, cabinets and boxes… and thus half a century of bills, receipts, cancelled checks and who knows what else. There will be all kinds of info on bank accounts and such that a shredder would be a huge help in disposing of.

  212. My first project will be getting rid of clothing that no longer fits the kids!

  213. I like One2One on Facebook. Alexandra Knaub

  214. my first project would be getting rid of years of build up paper work and junk mail stack to shred any evidence of name and address.

  215. jennifer grover says:

    does filing taxes count? if not, then my first spring cleaning project will be windows.. it is nice out and I need to get them clean up (especially the bugs between the windows and screens) before I open them

  216. The first thing on my spring cleaning list is to clean out the garage. We just moved to our home in Oct and put everything in the garage when we moved it. It turned really cold out right after we moved in and has been like that since and my hubby really wants his garage back!

  217. Jen Millard says:

    I liked you on FB.

  218. Jen Millard says:

    I’m going through my files and shredding things that are at least 7 years old.

  219. Karen Luedy says:

    cleaning windows and window treatments are my first obstacle

  220. Clean my office and file cabinets! 🙂

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  223. Windows and curtains are also first on my list.

  224. I like One2One on Facebook

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  227. Pamela Long says:

    My first task is to go thru my big bill drawer and shred old statements and anything that has important info on that shouldn’t be public. Sure wish I had one of these Fellows crosscut shredders.

  228. Pamela Long says:

    I “liked” and I tweeted.

  229. First for me is my filing cabinet. Then I would love to organize all my paper recipes to cds.

  230. I told my husband the first spring cleaning project is the basement! We don’t have a garage 🙁 so the basement holds the laundry area, his workshop area, filing cabinets, and storage… there is waaay too much stuff down there, lol.

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  233. Ysenia Ramirez says:

    My first spring cleaning project is the closets. I have so much junk in them, including all my important papers.

  234. My first project is to clean out the attic of old papers that I no longer need to keep.

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  237. my kids closets

  238. Recycling old magazines & shredding a large pile of financial documents I no longer need.

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  242. Rhea Bowen says:

    My first spring cleaning project is the filing cabinets. Years of old paperwork that needs to just be shredded.

  243. Rhea Bowen says:

    I “LIKE” One2One Network on Facebook

  244. Kelly Eldridge says:

    My first spring task is to clean out my “file” pile!

  245. April Hughes says:

    My first spring cleaning project will be to clean and organize my kitchen closets.

  246. I need to clean out the file cabinet and the shredder would come in handy

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    @ginger _high

  249. My first Spring Cleaning project is going through our Creation Station. It’s a great place for the kiddos trapped inside during winter, however, it is a collector paper and craft supplies.

  250. “Like” O2O on facebook

  251. I am trying to get my house organized before baseball/softball season starts. My husband a recently started working out of the house and paperwork is EVERYWHERE. This shredder would be a blessing!

  252. I “like” o2o on facebook

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  254. I follow fellows on twitter.

  255. It’s a strange one, but right now I’m going through my cookbooks and noting the recipes I still want to try. Once we have tried them, I’ll write down the recipes that are keepers, and then donate the books. Less is more!!!

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  259. I have already started spring cleaning. I am sorting keepers out from the rest in all areas possible…such as magazine/articles, recipes, papers on file. clothes, etc..

  260. I already did it! I cleaned out my office, repainted and organized!!

  261. I’m slowly but surely starting my spring cleaning! I organized junk drawers and washed windows today.

  262. I’m a follower on Twitter

  263. My first project is to wipe down walls.

  264. I like Fellowes on Facebook.

  265. I like One2One Network on Facebook.

  266. I need to be more responsible w/my documents

  267. I would like to downsize all of my tubs of holiday decorations so we can rid of our storage unit.

  268. Thanks for this valuable information. Compliments.

  269. My first Spring Cleaning exercise will be to tackle my kids’ closets. Oh boy are they a mess!

  270. I like One2One Network on FB.

  271. I Like Fellowes on FB.

  272. I am going through the house and collecting all the receipts and papers laying around. Go through them and file, organize or toss.

  273. Follow on Twitter.

  274. Kimberly Snyder says:

    We have piles of paper that needs shredded. I bought my husband a box to put his in because he rarely looks at his bank statements , stuff from his work etc. and we have several piles of it AND the box waiting for his attention. He keeps threatening to get a shredder but since his twin brother has had troubles with the ones he has purchused he wants a good one. Is procrastination a shared trait in twins? I need help!A Fellowes P12-C Paper Shredder would be a great solution to an evergrowing problem

  275. My first project would be to clean out our storage closet and make room for new stuff coming in the new year. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Tweeted and learned what a permalink was…!/PIDGEme/status/41193398866149376

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  282. I normally dust and wipe down all my walls as my first spring cleaning project.

  283. My first spring cleaning project will be to clean out my computer desk,file all my loose paperwork and documents.In the same day I will also clean out my basement so I can pack up all the clothes that we don’t wear to donate them.I will bleach the basement floor and clean all the shelfs for,,I feel exausted thinking about it!

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  287. I am doing a whole house clean up for our upcoming Church garage sale. I have a box in each room of the house to put things in as I see them.

  288. My first spring cleaning task will be my kids’ bedrooms!

  289. The first spring cleaning project i plan on tackling is cleaning out the closet, and donating items i am not using and haven’t worn over a year. I love to donate items as much as possible, someone else’s trash is another’s treasure.

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  290. 1st task is cleaning all carpets followed by cleaning out my home office.
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  291. My first spring cleaning project is to clean out my closet. 🙁 Horrible small wierd shaped closet full of stuff.
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  299. I can’t wait to clean up my office -good bye piles of papers!

  300. Sharon Ramsamooj says:

    I’ve started by cleaning out each kitchen drawer. Then I have to move onto the paperwork!

  301. My first spring cleaning project is my home office! I’m swimming in papers!

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  305. My first spring cleaning project is tackling the livingroom and all of the junk we do not use.

  306. My first spring cleaning project is to clean out the garage so my husband can have his space back. Ever since we moved in to our new house, there has been boxes and boxes of stuff in the garage. That was over a year ago…and I can’t take over the garage space forever!

  307. oops, my email for the above is

  308. I am going to tackle my flower boxes.

  309. some people go to florida on spring break. my husband and I will be cleaning out the garage

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  312. I plan to get rid of the paper! We are up to our ears.

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  315. Why do I have a SHRED pile if not for something to shred with. An a-ha moment here… Yep, I’ve been waiting for Spring and my new Fellowes P-12C paper shredder to do the job!

  316. Finally cleaning out the old papers, electric, old taxes and figuring out how much of it i actually need to save!

  317. sherry fowler says:

    I’m cleaning out my old filing cabinet and shredding old paperwork that is no longer needed. i then use the scraps to line boxes that I am storing breakable in; great padding!

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  319. Janice Ford says:

    I am starting with cleaning out my pantry…I think it will put me in the mood to start other spring cleaning projects (say…files and filing system overhaul…here we come.)

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  322. The first Spring cleaning project I plan to tackle would have to be cleaning my gutters! They are packed with leaves from the winter and other gunk..I just CANNOT WAIT to hoist the ladder, climb up and stick my hands in all that yuck!

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  326. My first project is my office, I’m buried on paper!

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  330. I need to tackle my desk and office first!

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  333. I am purging all my kids outgrown clothes!

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