Featured O2O Member: Raquel Pineira

Featured-O2O-Member-RaquelJoining us this week on the featured member circuit is Raquel from Organized Island! Raquel hails from sunny Southern California and has been an O2O member since 2014. She’s a mom of two and a former productivity manager who loves to blog about her passions: Food, Travel, Crafts and Organizing. Raquel believes that time is our most important asset and we need to spend it wisely. She shares ways to streamline work and recipes to save time, while offering tips and suggestions to enjoy life with others.

Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on:

I loved working on the Calphalon campaign. Cooking is one of my passions and the pots and pans were a great product that was easy to promote!

Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

I like the community here and really enjoyed meeting fellow O2O members in person at BlogHer in San Jose a couple of years ago.

Tell us how you came to be a blogger.

I started blogging when my kids got older and did not need me as much. I thought I would start sharing my recipes and productivity tips with others to help other busy moms. I love the idea of saving people precious time.

Who is another blogger you admire?

I admire Katie Clark because she is super successful and does so much, has a lovely young family and yet still has time to help others!

Is there a piece of advice, quote, or mantra that you live by?

“Time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s dream.” – Steve Jobs

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

I just love when people say they love my site! Makes me tingly all over!

What was your last best meal?

Brunch at KayNDaves in Los Angeles. There are pictures on my site, this place is amazing!

Is there a song you can’t get enough of, listen to on repeat, know all the lyrics, obsessed with?

Anything by Andy Grammer

What is the best thing to do where you live?

We have lots of sunshine in California so I would say a visit to our coast is a must do! Even better if you can enjoy it from a restaurant or cafe overlooking the beach!

Night owl or early bird?

Early bird

What is your favorite time of the year?


Three things you can’t live without (besides family/friends/faith).

  • my iPad mini
  • a journal and colored pens
  • my glasses

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