Featured O2O Member: Kim Staten

Featured-O2O-Member-KimStatenOur featured member this week is Kim from Life Over C’s! Kim has been an O2O member since 2014 and we were delighted to work with her recently on two campaigns that were a perfect fit for her site.

“I am full-time blogger with an awesome husband and 4 beautiful daughters, including a special needs preschooler. We’ve been homeschooling for 8 years and I love blogging about all the fun activities that we do. As a family we have traveled to 44 states in the U.S., 3 Canadian provinces and 7 countries while we homeschooled! Before moving to Cleveland last fall, we lived overseas for 9 years.”

Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on:

I loved working on Curious World and the Clif Kids projects. We had so much fun over the summer with the DIY Sprinkler!

Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

I love being able to work on great projects with quality brands! I also love how easy O2O makes it to do a sponsored post by providing me with great supplies and directions. It takes the guess work out of doing sponsored work and that is a time saver for me!

Tell us how you came to be a blogger.

I started Life Over C’s in May 2014. The name was the result of living in the Republic of Georgia for nine years. Everything about our life had something to do with being overseas. I was looking for homeschool curricula, I couldn’t find any that were easy to implement (for a crazy-busy mom!), hands-on and wouldn’t break the bank. I set out to create my own activities and realized that there were probably other moms and teachers out there that wanted to make education more fun for their kids too. Life Over C’s is the result! I love connecting with other educators both at home and in classrooms and hearing how much their kids enjoy the hands-on activities!

Name another blogger you admire and why.

I adore Clarissa from Muchkins and Moms! She has a fantastic Instagram @muchkins_and_moms. As an adoptive mom and foster mom she does so many fun activities for her little ones and is still a great blogger on top of that!

Is there a piece of advice, quote, or mantra that you live by?

Live simply. Dream big. Love much. Laugh often.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

I’m always floored when I hear from my readers about how much their kids enjoy the activities I’ve created. One note has stood out from the rest though and I keep it hanging on my wall for times I’m feeling overwhelmed. A brand new teacher in a low-income school district sent me a note to let me know just how much she appreciated the free activities that I offer and that even though they are free I didn’t sacrifice on quality. She told me her classroom of ESL students has been totally engaged using my activities and she has seen them grow so much this year.

That is why I LOVE this “job”.

What was your last best meal?

Fettuccini Alfredo!! I absolutely love it and we just had it a couple nights ago.

Is there a song you can’t get enough of, listen to on repeat, know all the lyrics, obsessed with?

God is Fighting for Us

What is the best thing to do where you live?

Honestly, we haven’t gotten out to explore much yet… I’m anxious for warmer weather, so that we can discover our new city.

Night owl or early bird?

Night owl

What is your favorite time of the year?


Three things you can’t live without (besides family/friends/faith).

Hot glue gun.

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