Featured O2O Member: Chelsea Day

Featured-O2O-Member-ChelseaDayThis week we’re catching up with Chelsea Day! We’ve known Chelsea for years and are fans of her uniquely fun style. Over on Someday I’ll Learn, Chelsea and her husband Nate share little moments that have a big impact. Chelsea offers creative how-tos for reconnecting with family life in a modern era. Nate adds color with rugged hands-on fatherhood and a forthright approach to life’s challenges. It all culminates in a humorous he-said-she-said journal that documents their daily exploits.


Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on: Scholarshare!

Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

The campaign managers actually get to know us, and the community supports each other in all of their endeavors.

I am known forsticking my foot in my mouth.

10 years from nowI hope my life looks exactly the same as it does now.

My secret ambitionwrite a memoir.

I’m most creativeat 3am.

I’m currently obsessedwith butter coffee.

When I leave the house I always havea phone charger.

My favorite social network isInstagram.

I can’t do withoutsunshine.

My favorite way to spend a Friday night isboondocking under a starry desert sky.

If I could go anywhere for one day I would goto Ireland.

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