Featured O2O Member: Brandi Jeter Riley

Featured-O2O-Member-BrandiOur latest featured O2O influencer is Brandi Jeter Riley! Brandi and her family, daughter Ayva and husband Terrence, hail from Northern California. Brandi loves community and as the founder of Mama Knows It All, a parenting lifestyle blog, and the Courage to Earn community which boasts over 1000 women digital entrepreneurs, she is known for personalized blog coaching and career development. Brandi has managed blogger outreach for hundreds of campaigns, and her door is always open to women who need a push. She uses her knowledge of what brands want to help bloggers get what they need…more work! Brandi is passionate about family, balance, and a champion for authenticity. Read on to get a glimpse of Brandi’s life on and off her blog.

Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on:

The ScholarShare program was great! We met reps from ScholarShare in person at dinner, and had a chance to network and learn about the service in a casual way. It really made an impact on me, and I wasn’t just an influencer, but I was actually INFLUENCED and learned something!

Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

I love that the folks behind O2O KNOW the people in the community. You don’t feel like you’re a number!

Tell us how you came to be a blogger.

I was a single mom and the first of most of my friends to have a baby. I started my blog the day before my daughter’s first birthday as a form of therapy, really. I was overwhelmed by so many feelings and emotions, and it was a great way for me to get those things out. Mama Knows It All was the first name that came to me because I can KIND OF be a know it all. I was so surprised the URL was available! It’s amazing how quickly I found community and discovered that my blog would be more than just stories to make me feel better, but to encourage and inspire other women as well.

Who are some other bloggers you admire and why.

Amiyrah Martin, Michelle Garrett Johnson, Yolonda Spinks, Janeane Davis and Mandi Buckner are just a few of the folks who keep me in line. I admire them for not being afraid to try new things, be themselves, and who will tap me when I’m not doing the same. Really, there are so many bloggers that I admire and look up to, that those folks are just a small sampling of the people who rock my world.

Is there a piece of advice, quote, or mantra that you live by?

You have the right to be here.
I have to remind myself of this every single day. I’ve been blessed to have some great opportunities that felt like maybe I didn’t deserve it, but NO…I have the right to be here. I have the right to make a living doing what I love. I have a right to win. And so do you.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

That I remind them of my grandmother. My grandmother was an introvert who worked in a bar. She knew everyone, people liked her, and she loved her “me time”. I am honored to be compared to her!

What was your last best meal?

I was in Monterey, California last week and had a delicious sea bass with roasted cauliflower and polenta with blue cheese. YUM!

Is there a song you can’t get enough of, listen to on repeat, know all the lyrics, obsessed with?

“Upgrade U” by Beyoncé

What is the best thing to do where you live?

Northern California is AMAZING! I love going to the beach on a sunny day and reading.

Night owl or early bird?


What is your favorite time of the year?

Summer. I love the heat.

Three things you can’t live without (besides family/friends/faith).

  • Facebook
  • Pizza
  • A scarf (I carry one everywhere I go since I get cold a lot!)

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