Featured O2O Member: Angela Youngblood

Featured-O2O-Member-Angela-YAngela has been an O2O member for several years and is always someone we know we can count on to produce excellent work! She is a busy mother of four who documents her life on her blog Jumping With My Fingers Crossed. About as far away from perfect as possible, she writes about embracing the mess and complicatedness of life with humor and honesty.

Angela is also a freelance writer, videographer, vlogger, Listen To Your Mother producer and live storyteller. She was a BlogHer Voice of the Year in 2014 for her writing and is a BlogHer Voice of the Year in 2015 for a short-form video. Her writing has appeared on Mamalode, What To Expect and BonBon Break. After starting her blog in 2011, Angela was blown away by what happened–she found a community of loyal, supportive friends, creative opportunities and a feeling of empowerment and being less alone.

We loved getting a chance to ask Angela to share some of her O2O experiences with us and to find out what her life is like beyond her blog.

Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on:

I love doing the music reviews–Mary J. Blige and Madonna are a couple of my favorites.

Angela’s recent music reviews:

Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

I love learning about the brands and getting the chance to build stories around them. And getting to do giveaways is always fun. I also love getting a chance to hear new music!

I am known for…dancing in my kitchen. No, seriously. I do it a lot and post it all over social media. But more than that, I think (I hope) I am known for spreading joy and encouraging people to have a little more fun with their lives. And to dance in their kitchens!

10 years from now…I will be writing blogs about having kids in college and how 50 is the new 30. I also hope to have the opportunity to be doing more live storytelling events.

My secret ambition…is to have a one-woman show.

I’m most creative…in spurts and usually when I have had enough sleep. But honestly my whole life is about being creative and embracing the joy and finding stories everywhere.

I’m currently obsessed…with watching Empire. I love it so much. It’s very soap opera-y and fabulous. It’s like a mash up of Fame and Dallas. I am obsessed.

When I leave the house I always have…my iPhone. Not really for the phone function of it all, because I never talk on the phone. Ha! But for the camera and the texting.

My favorite social network is…Last week I would have said my favorite social network is Instagram because of the beauty of it and the creative, artistic, fun way you can get to know people and places. But then my son got in an accident last Friday and Facebook became a lifeline in a way, so I think I have to say that’s my favorite right now. As I was sitting in the emergency room waiting for scary test results I posted my plea for good vibes and prayers in a private FB group and was blown away by the support. Later when I posted an update about my son on my public page, again I was beyond grateful for the support and love we received via FB. I also received messages privately on FB from people who had been through similar situations and people in the medical field that gave me practical advice and their phone numbers. I was truly blown away by the positive power of social networks.

I can’t do without…ugh, my iPhone again. I’m starting to feel like I have a problem here. 🙂 But if loving my iPhone is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

My favorite way to spend a Friday night is…having dinner with all my kids and my husband and then watching a movie together.

If I could go anywhere for one day I would go…Anywhere? This is tough. But I think I would go to Paris, I’ve never been but I have always wanted to go.

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  1. Angela, LOVE the name of your blog! I want to go to Paris too – maybe I’ll see you there, lol!

  2. Mmm k, You have a fan in me Angela!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your welcome video on YT. Too much fun…also following you on InstaLOVE…xo, Fonda

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