Featured O2O Member: Angela Roberts

Featured-O2O-Member-AngelaRobertsFor Thanksgiving week, the featured O2O influencer is our sweet friend Angela Roberts! Passionate about all things food, decor, and Nashville. She’s the publisher of Spinach Tiger since 2008, a food and lifestyle blog, featuring exciting recipes, restaurants and decor in a real way for real people. Angela’s food is approachable, healthy, hearty and centers around making great family food memories. Extolling the happy life, she also freelances for Nashville Arts & Entertainment Magazine, writing Nashville’s bucket list and restaurant features. In between, she develops recipes and does food styling and photography for brand websites.

Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on:

My favorite project was the most recent one for the Pork Board. I was able to make mustard breaded oven baked pork chops and honor Retro Rose, my mother, for her generous spirit. It ended in a family dinner and a great memory and I got to tell the world about her.

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Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

As I write a food blog, I am able to feature a brand and stay true to my own brand of developing an original recipe and doing my own photography. Everyone wins. And, the staff is so wonderful to work with.

I am known formy hospitality and creativity. I love everything beautiful in the home, and I was a professional faux finisher for years. People often see me as stepping outside the box, making strong statements (where the name Spinach Tiger came from) in decorating and in cooking, but always laced with warmth and a welcoming approach. I believe a house needs to be a home and everything fabulous happens in the kitchen. Most people connect me with food and the one in know for restaurants.

10 years from nowI would like to have published a few books, one a cookbook, one an inspired novel about an Italian family who honors everything about food, amidst their craziness. In ten years, I want to still be surprised, perhaps doing something that I never ever set out to do. Ten years ago, I would have never guessed I’d be a food writer or have a food blog. I like surprises.

My secret ambitionmy secret ambition is not so secret. I feel like I’m living it, only perhaps it could be on a bigger scale. I like making videos, although I wouldn’t want a formal TV show. I see myself having a Periscope show. I’ve been doing live streaming and I love it. It was scary at first, but now it’s exciting to make that live connection with people around the world.

I’m most creativeoh this is a hard question. I would have to say Visually. I can see design, a faux finish, a paint color in a room before I do it. I know how to incorporate my individual style into everything, even if it’s arranging other’s art work on a wall or adapting a recipe. This carries over into my food styling and photography as I want my dishes to look as good as they taste.

I’m currently obsessedwith everything gold. We just remodeled our kitchen and put in a Delta (gold) Faucet, and new gold (brushed brass) pulls from Lewis Dolan. I keep searching for gold accessories, which warms up our carrara marble and grey cabinets. I painted gold/gray stripes in the powder room and accented with gold pillows and throws. I am also obsessed with gold arrows, which now hang in our kitchen.

When I leave the house I always havea camera and a bottle of water. If I have kids with me, I have sliced apples in a bag and we call that the “just in case.” I hate to see anyone hungry.

My favorite social network isit’s a tie between Instagram and Periscope.

I can’t do withoutmy Mac and iPhone 6+. I used to call my Mac my boyfriend. My life in on there. But in honesty, I can’t do without my Kate Spade glasses. I can’t read well without them.

My favorite way to spend a Friday night isgoing to happy hour. We have a wonderful wine store in our neighborhood and we love to go to the wine tasting and connect with our neighbors and especially the wine expert who’s become a friend. After that, we head to a movie or back home to watch the shows we’ve recorded throughout the week.

If I could go anywhere for one day I would goto Amalfi coast. This would hit my favorite things in the world. Food. Water. Italy. I’ve been to Italy twice, and can’t wait to get back again. Of course, I’d go just about anywhere to get near an ocean, the thing I have missed most leaving California for Nashville.

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