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StephanieStephanie was the Grand Prize winner of our BlissDom giveaway back in November. She won a full conference pass, three nights in the Opryland Hotel and a plane ticket to get her there and back. Stephanie blogs at The Candid Pastor’s Wife and is the mother of an adorable little boy. She stopped by our booth at BlissDom and was kind enough to let us interrogate her on blogging. Unfortunately, the video didn’t turn out very well (completely the videographer’s fault!), so we’re improvising and bringing you the transcript of our lovely conversation.

O2O: What do you like most about working with brands?

Stephanie: I like that working with brands is win-win. The brands get an intimate face with their consumers they get to see what they’re (consumers) really looking for what and what they’re looking at. The blogger gets to have some compensation and they also have someone that’s behind the vision of their blog. So I think it’s win-win.

O2O: Is there a particular project from One2One Network that you’ve enjoyed working on?

Stephanie: The BlissDom project, of course! I’m so glad to be here and I’m learning so much and I’m just proud to represent One2One.

O2O: Behind you we have a Community Vision Board. Is there something in your life or for your blog that is your vision for 2011?

Stephanie: Yes, I am working on focus and more engagement. I talk a lot about marriage on my blog so I want to make sure that hot button on my blog keeps going. And I’m also talking about beauty and culture. Starting on that in 2011 so I’m working on focusing on that topic, seeing what’s happens with that and more women’s issues.

Thanks, Stephanie for taking some time to talk with us. We are so glad that you enjoyed your time at BlissDom! Go visit Stephanie over at The Candid’s Pastor Wife and follow her on Twitter, @StephaniePete.

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  1. Thanks, One2One! Blissdom was awesome. Sorry the video didn’t work out. Next year. 🙂

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