Featured O2O Member: Paige Allison

Featured-O2O-Member-PaigeAllisonOur featured O2O influencer this week is the fabulous Paige Allison! Paige is a yoga junkie, top-knot connoisseur and heath nut who doesn’t shy away from a good IPA and a cheeseburger! She’s mom to Henry and little boy #2, Otto, who is due to make his appearance next month. Paige writes at An Uncomplicated Life Blog, a wellness and lifestyle blog based out of Dallas, TX.

Favorite O2O Projects you’ve worked on:

The social media campaign with the American Heart Association. I used to be the grant manager at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation and have an advanced degree in nonprofit management, so when I was asked to take a few photos and spread the word about improved nutrition and physical activity for better heart health, I was thrilled! I love it when I get paid to promote something I would talk about for free – those are the PERFECT blog/brand collaborations.

Favorite part of being an O2O Member:

Variety of opportunities. You can get paid or you can get product you’re interested in; you can write blog posts, product reviews on company website or participate in social media campaigns.

I am known forbeing super active, especially within the Dallas yoga community! I’m currently a full 8 months pregnant and still getting on my mat at least five times a week. I also *think* I’m known for being a bit funny and extremely honest about parenting. If you want nonstop sunshine and roses blown up your rump about being a mom, you should probably just read another blog.

10 years from nowI would love to be blogging full time and return to being a yoga teacher on the side.

My secret ambitionI would LOVE to do more fashion blogging. The funny thing about that is one actually has to like fashion and shopping, and I don’t like either of those particularly well, so my fashion blogging venture will remain a secret ambition for now.

I’m most creativein the early morning, when the house is completely quiet. My husband looks at me in awe because I need complete silence to do my best work, and he’s a “turn on music, and the TV, and play fetch with the dogs, and have our toddler in his lap” kind of chaotic worker. Not me! Give me peace and quiet.

When I leave the house I always havean over-sized purse with water and a few snacks (I’m a mom of a toddler!), my iPhone, and car keys.

My favorite social network isPinterest! I’ve read so many great blog posts I’d have never known about if it weren’t for Pinterest.

I can’t do withoutSleep! I have to sleep well, every night. I know, I’m about to have another baby and that will go straight out the window for months. It’s going to be rough!

My favorite way to spend a Friday night isCuddled up on the couch with my hubs, fire roaring in the fireplace, glass of red wine and side of blue cheese stuffed olives, babies sleeping in the next room, and a good movie on.

If I could go anywhere for one day I would go To a spa, alone! Or maybe tour wineries in Napa Valley. How about a spa in Napa followed by winery tours?! Yes, that’s what I’d do. But I want some friends with me for the wine tours.

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