Featured Member: Karen H.

Today we’d love to introduce you to Karen of In the Kitchen with KP! She is married and a mom to two kids- one girl, one boy. Karen (known as KP to her friends) and her family live in the Atlanta area where they enjoy the fun adventures the city has to offer. Karen especially loves cooking and spends lots of time in the kitchen trying out new recipes!

I’m known forreliability for a deadline or commitment. Give me a specific date or time and consider it done. If there isn’t a specific requirement it may fall to the side, but will get completed as life allows.

I’m working onforgetting too many birthdays. I’m the one that calls the day after.

10 years from now Iwill still be cooking up fun ways to keep my family engaged and together in the kitchen.

I’m currently addicted toPinterest. Please someone help me.

I find joyin being social. Whether it be online or in person chatting with new people. I’m the one that will start a conversation with a random person in the grocery store because we are buying the same item.

My secret ambitionto become a food scientist.

I can’t do withoutmy iphone. I just recently switched to one, and now I can’t be without it.

I’m most creativein the early weekend mornings. If my husband takes the kids to the park for early playtime, I grab my coffee and laptop and get to work.

I admireanyone that has the courage to face change to follow their passion when it’s not where they currently are in their life.

When I grow upI’d love to earn enough income from blogging to be able to do it full time.

Do you sing in the shower? No

Favorite line from a movie or TV show? Any line from Fight Club starting with “I am Jack’s…” Love to insert the same statement in regular life scenarios.

If you could go anywhere for one day, where would you go? Disney World. The Disney Magic takes me over every time the minute I arrive.

Morning person or nighttime person? Morning, but only after I have had my coffee.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: Reliable, friendly and efficient

Where to find Karen on the Internet:
Blog – In the Kitchen With KP
Twitter – @InTheKitchenKP

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