Featured Member: Julee Morrison

On our newly redesigned website, we have featured five bloggers that we’ve worked closely with this year. Here on the blog, we’re digging a little deeper with them, getting into their heads about blogging and working with brands.

juleeOur first “interview” with a featured member is, Julee Morrison of Mommy’s Memorandum, a reviews and giveaway blog that also chronicles the “chaotic comedy” of her life.

What do you like most about interacting with brands?

My favorite thing about interacting with brands is experiencing the people behind them. I have met so many wonderful PR people who remind me that human nature is good.

What is one thing you do as a blogger than you feel contributes to the success of your blog?

I make an sincere effort to have an open email to others. I am honest and open about my life and the struggles. I don’t sugar-coat when I’m overwhelmed because I know as women it is part of who we really are…raising our hands to help our children, our community, each other. I value my readers and hopefully do my part to pay gratitude to those who have helped me and play it forward.

What has helped you grow the most as a blogger?

Two things come to mind. First, other bloggers. It was the belief in me from’s Nicole Brady that kept the fire going and gave me purpose. Second, writing. The more I write…the more I learn…the more I grow…the more I write!

Who are the mentors in your life? And who has been a key guide for you as you’ve built your business?

My mentors: Nicole Brady for believing in me and taking the time to share good practices with me. My friend from my teenage years because he has lead by example overcoming great obstacles. My paternal grandma who was the most creative and gifted writer I’ve ever encountered. My High School English Teacher, Marcia Thayne, for all those red inked words on my papers that corrected and encouraged my love of writing. My mother has been a key guide for building my business…nothing means as much as when a parent says, “I am proud of you” and leads through example the image of success!

In what way have social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook helped you as blogger? Have they hindered you at all?

I use social media platforms to promote my posts and connect with other bloggers. Hindered me? I’m still trying to figure out their power! Facebook has hindered me in that it changes its platform so often that my settings get wonky and my personal profile gets swallowed up by my blog.

As a mom and a businesswoman, we know you are hardworking and loving it. When you do get a chance to pamper yourself, what do you do first?

I have my priorities in line. When it’s my time to pamper myself, Bon Jovi blasts through my ipod! From there, I’m all about the Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich–I’m in deep for Morelli. Combine those two items with a long hot bath and quiet time and I’m refreshed and ready to take on the world!

You can find Julee on her blog, Mommy’s Memorandum, on Twitter: @jonbonjovious and on Facebook.

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