Featured Member: Jenny Rapson

Jenny is a stay-at-home mom of two children with another one on the way. She co-authors the blog, Mommin’ It Up with her cousin, Emily. While reading through her “100 Thing About Me” list, I learned Jenny is not short for Jennifer, she is just Jenny, she can do a “wicked Jan Brady impression”, and that she drinks a glass of chocolate milk each morning! Here are a few more things that we learned about Jenny, the blogger.

1. What do you like most about interacting with brands?

I love sharing things that work for me with my readers. Whether it’s the perfect pair of jeans, technology that makes my life easier, or an awesome new toy or activity for my kids. I love passing that along and making it a win-win-win for the brand, my readers, and myself.

2. What is one thing you do as a blogger than you feel contributes to the success of your blog?

I think the fun interaction between my blogging partner, Emily and myself, gives our readers something to look forward to. And we both have a commitment to being real and authentic, to sharing the pretty and the ugly with our readers. We believe sharing the hard stories of life & motherhood is where we and our readers grow the most.

3. What has helped you grow the most as a blogger?

Consistency in posting has helped me get better as a writer. Practice makes perfect as they say! And my readers really motivate me to grow. I WANT to be good for them. I have a strong desire to produce good content, to entertain, and to share solutions with them. And they’ve given me so much back, feedback, that has helped me to grow.

4. In what ways have social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook helped you as blogger? Have they hindered you at all?

Twitter and Facebook have been a huge help in connecting me with readers and peers. As well as helping me to answer random questions like, “What should I make for dinner?” and allowing me to vent once in awhile.

5. Who are the mentors in your life? And who has been a key guide for you as you’ve built your business?

My parents are my biggest mentors. They really did an amazing job of raising three kids, and if my husband and I do half as well as they did we will consider ourselves a smashing success as parents. As far as business goes, Emily and I look to our good friend Andrea Deckard at Savings as our business mentor. She always has answers to our business-related questions for us!

6. As a mom and a businesswoman, we know you are hardworking and loving it. When you do get a chance to pamper yourself, what do you do first?

I know this sounds cliche, but I cherish time to READ. Getting in bed with a good book is the way I usually “pamper” myself. If I had unlimited funds, though, I’d get a massage every week!

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