Featured Member: Jennifer Leet

This week we get to know Jennifer Leet, the blogger behind the site, The Dirty T-Shirt. Jennifer is a homeschooling mom of three. She started blogging to update family about her children but quickly found a passion and talent that turned into a business. While she mainly does reviews and giveaways, you can still find Jen posting about her life, whether it’s her SlimFast weight loss journey or keeping those family members in the know about the kids! Be sure to take a minute to check-out Jen’s site and see what she’s up to today!

1. What do you like most about interacting with brands?

I take my interaction with brands very seriously as I like to be viewed as a professional woman. Because of that I love when brands actually take the time to get to know me and that true working relationships can be formed. For me that is the core of my interaction with brands and I love it!

2. What is one thing you do as a blogger than you feel contributes to the success of your blog?

I have a very clear posting schedule and minus a few things popping up here and there I like sticking to it, it keeps me on track and on top of all my work. I also believe that an eye catching site is important and strive to bring that to all my readers.

3. What has helped you grow the most as a blogger?

The thing that has helped me grow as a blogger is listening to others who are leaders in the field, learning from their mistakes and accomplishments and applying that to myself. I can take criticism and turn it into something positive.

4. In what ways have social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook helped you as blogger? Have they hindered you at all?

I love that Facebook and Twitter are around and they help me greatly as a blogger, the only time I feel that either of those is a hindrance is when you are judged by stats, I don’t suffer in that department but I do not like being compared to anyone, I am me and proud of that fact, I don’t like being considered a number. I understand it, just don’t like it too much.

5. Who are the mentors in your life? And who has been a key guide for you as you’ve built your business?

Mentors in my life…that is a tricky one. In my blogging life I would like to bring attention to two women whose opinions and work ethics are admired by me and they are Lori Falcon and Jennifer James. Both are smart, work savvy women who get things done and they are the two women I first virtually met when I stepped into the blogging world and I have learned so much from them. They and my husband are key guides as I build up on my knowledge in business.

6. As a mom and a businesswoman, we know you are hardworking and loving it. When you do get a chance to pamper yourself, what do you do first?

There is a chance to pamper myself??? Where? How? I kid! I do not get a lot of time to do that but when I do I like to take the opportunity for a massage, and laying by a pool soaking up the sun.

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  1. I personally got the honor to meet Jennifer in person, on a different occasion (and yes, we live in the same city! score!) Personally, she is a great mother, blogger and entrepreneur.

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