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Toni-Lynn is…delightful! Really, her twitter handle even confirms it, @DelightfulToni. But even without that helpful hint, we know she is because it’s always a delight to work with her on campaigns. Toni-Lynn keeps a delightful perspective on life at her blog, Delightful Chaos, where she shares tips on saving money, economic advice, product reviews, parenting info, and more. She also keeps a recipe blog at A Few Fries Short and a grocery price comparison site called Grocery Price Book. Toni-Lynn lives in Ohio and is a single, work-at-home mom of two active, young boys.

Here at O2O, we really love music so we asked Toni-Lynn, “What is your favorite kind of music?” She replied that she “can listen to just about anything”. And, “What’s your current favorite song?” It’s Katy Perry’s Part Of Me. Good one!

I’m known forI seriously don’t even know how to answer this one. I am told that I am way to modest. I’m just me šŸ™‚

I’m working onBuying a house!

10 years from now Iwant to be able to say I have been out of the country! I’m told Canada doesn’t count since it is 45 minutes away lol

I’m currently addicted toSubway Tuna on wheat! It’s all my boyfriends fault. šŸ™‚

I find joyin every moment I spend with my boys. Even the hair pulling ones

My secret ambitionTo build my company into something I can retire on/from!

I can’t do withoutMy boys, naturally but definitely my phone.

I’m most creativeWhen my boys are sleeping and not asking for something every 5 minutes

I admireMy Mother, She has been through a lot and still is my best friend.

When I grow upGrow up? What fun is that.

PC or Mac? PC

iPhone or Droid? Droid all the way

Coffee or Tea? Neither… I am a Hot Cocoa kinda girl

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Smooth

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: I actually took a Facebook poll for this one, just for fun. Top answers were ‘Strong, Funny, Smart”

Where to find Toni-Lynn on the Internet:
Websites: Delightful Choas, A Few Fries Short, Grocery Price Book

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