Featured Member Interview: Tammy Litke

To catch up with Tammy, you may have to go in Three Different Directions! Tammy is a homeschooling mom to a sixteen year old daughter and a busy blogger, maintaining two websites- her main site as well as Play That Now!, a site devoted to reviewing DVDs, video games, music, and electronics for the whole family. Tammy and her family love to travel and often take their schooling and work on the road with them. At home, you can find Tammy in the kitchen playing with a recipe or in the family room playing World of Warcraft. Tammy has been an One2One Network member since 2009 and has participated in many different kinds of campaigns from laundry detergent to pork spareribs. Tammy will be at BlissDom ’13 in Dallas, she won a free a ticket from us in our O2O-BlissDom sponsorship contest!

I’m known forgetting the best deal.

I’m working ongrowing my blog.

10 years from now Iwill be in even better shape than I am now.

I’m currently addicted toDowny Unstoppables, it makes me want to do laundry!

I find joyin seeing my daughter succeed

My secret ambitionto go to London (is that an ambition or just a bucket list item?!)

I can’t do withoutcoffee.

I’m most creativeafter looking through magazines for inspiration.

I admiremy sister. She became a widow at 30, stayed strong, lived life, and then re-married and now has two beautiful children.

When I grow upI just want to grow up – as in height! Ha ha.

Chocolate- Dark, Milk, White, or No thanks? White, definitely white.

Best advice anyone ever gave you (about anything). I’m not sure it was advice, but the encouragement of friends to follow our hearts and homeschool our daughter when she started 7th grade. It’s one of the best things we could have done for her and our family unit. If we had not had friends to support us when we first started out, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have done it.

Favorite way to spend a Friday night? Watching movies together as a family.

You need to indulge in some retail therapy, where do you head? Target.

Most played song in your iTunes library? Discombobulate from the Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack

Where to find Tammy on the Internet:
Blog – Three Different Directions
Twitter – @threedifferent

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