Featured Member Interview: Susan W.

Susan traded the bright lights, big city life of Nashville for the rustic charm of chiggers and snakes in the Tennessee backcountry; and thus Wild Life in the Woods was born. Food blogger, mom blogger, whatever is on her mind blogger, Susan tells the stories of woodland living with a husband, two kids and two dogs.

With summer just around the corner, we wanted to know, what does summertime mean for Susan? (Is it a break, no change in schedule, more hectic, less hectic, etc?) She says, “Not to be Debbie Downer, but to me summertime means poison ivy, ticks, chiggers, snakes, and unbearable heat and humidity. I love that we’re off school, but all the rest make me want to jump off a cliff. And don’t push me: this property comes equipped with a cliff with a 200 ft. drop.”

And what summer things do you look forward to? (pool time, vacations, certain foods, etc?) “I love the produce: tomatoes, corn, lady peas, basil, fried okra, all these things float my culinary boat. And I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get a vacation out of this summer, too.”

Susan did make it back to Nashville to attend BlissDom. She glammed it up for The Lorax Party and had a blast hanging out with friends. Here she is with her pal, Chloe!

I’m known forquick one liners on Facebook. It’s like a volleyball game. People set me up, and I spike. Booyah!

I’m also known for being a great cook, and hopefully for making great food approachable to the everyday cook. For the most part, home cooks could do so much better with just a touch more effort. One of my missions is to help the home cook create meals that are outrageously delicious.

I’m working onbecoming a better writer, and moving my Blogspot blog to WordPress. And finding the intestinal fortitude it takes to make that move myself. Where IS that intestinal fortitude of mine? I know I left it lying around here somewhere…

10 years from now Iwould like to be traveling the country with my husband, visiting and reviewing fine restaurants, and occasionally dropping by my kids new homes. They’ll be graduated and out on their own by then.

I’m currently addicted toMad Men. I just can’t see this ending well for Don Draper. There’s a reason he’s been falling off that skyscraper at the opening of the show for five seasons. (Did you notice him peering down that elevator shaft in one of the last shows? Not good, I’m telling you…)

I find joyin the little things. Each day is a gift: I learned that one year ago when my husband had his heart attack and bypass surgery. I look for the thousand gifts we are given each day.

My secret ambitionis to accurately predict what’s coming down the road from stuff I read on Facebook. I am one part Nancy Drew/one part Carnac the Magnificent. Since I’m known as Susan in the Boonies, I prefer to call myself Booniac the Magnificent.

I can’t do withoutmy faith, my husband, my kids, and my friends.

I’m most creativeafter a good night’s sleep, when I step into the shower and that hot water hits my head. Since I haven’t slept well since the arrival of my kids 18 years ago, and I shower less than ever, that makes me pretty much hosed, creatively.

I admirepeople who serve cheerfully, and competently, not seeking glory for themselves. And people who express themselves with their words in powerful ways.

When I grow upI want to be able to earn a decent living from writing. I have the ability. I just need the platform.

PC or Mac? Mac, baby. Have used both. Mac, all the way.

iPhone or Droid? Track phone from Walmart. (weeping, weeping) But I have ambitions for an iPhone.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee, with beans that have been home roasted by my husband, if you please.

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Crunchy. And honey roasted peanuts whirred up in a VitaMix, spread on warm homemade whole wheat bread, made from flour I’ve ground myself? This is bliss.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: warm, wise, funny, an encourager, a fabulous cook. Dang it! You said three? I was on a roll!

Where to find Susan on the Internet:
Blog – Wild Life in the Woods


  1. Yay, Susan is awesome!

  2. Heather a says:

    <3 Susan!!!

  3. Lorinda says:

    I love Susan, too!

  4. Susan is very dear!!!

  5. Susan is the real deal…an excellent writer with a somewhat quirky view of the world and life…I LOVE reading her stuff….it’s incredibly funny while insightful. She makes boonie living intriguing and, well, charming… thanks for featuring her. 😉

  6. Tracy Creek says:

    Great interview of Susan in the Boonies! Her blog and her smile are always a welcome addition to my day.

  7. Thanks for featuring Susan – love her!

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