Featured Member Interview: Stephanie J.

Stephanie is a lip gloss loving, married mom of four rowdy boys. She chronicles her life and as well as sharing reviews and giveaways at her blog, The Blue Zoo. Stephanie has also joined the festivities this month as a Friends You Love blogger. Stephanie tackles most household chores with the greatest of ease, just don’t ask her to change a light bulb. With all those boys running around, we had to know would Stephanie rather be a ninja or a pirate? “Oh definitely a pirate. But a sexy one, I don’t want missing teeth or anything.” We can definitely see her kickin’ it Elizabeth Swann style on a big ol’ man-of-war!

But it’s Stephanie’s own style that shines through as she answers our interview questions!

I’m known forhaving 4 boys, losing 50 lbs, getting a tummy tuck and blogging about it all!

I’m working onmaking my Gettin’ Skinny Friday feature world famous.

10 years from now Iwill be in my 40’s and probably researching Botox.

I’m currently addicted toanything with caffeine!

It really annoys me whenpeople can’t drive. I may or may not have a little road rage… I’m not admitting anything!

I find joyin chocolate, my boys, my trashy TV shows and when I force my husband to rub my feet.

My secret ambitionto have Jackie Warner be my personal trainer.

I can’t do withoutmy elliptical!

I’m most creativewhen I’ve had a sufficient amount of caffeine.

I admireany woman who has kids AND a clean house AND still has time to blog. Seriously – how do they DO that??

When I grow upI want to go to Ireland.

Coffee or tea? Coffee! For sure!

PC or Mac? PC, I’ve never even used a Mac.

iPhone or Droid? I have a Droid but I really want an iPhone.

Twitter or Facebook? Both! I want it all!

Pickles – sweet or dill? Neither – bread and butter pickles are my fave!

Go see Stephanie over at The Blue Zoo! You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. hmmm we may be twins! Have a Droid, want an iPhone. Apparently a few of us want to go to Ireland. I admire (secretly hate) those women who can do it all. And apparently I’m the oldest girl in our FYL group. Nice (or not so much).

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