Featured Member Interview: Paris Permenter

Paris, and her husband John, are the bloggers behind the popular pet lover sites, DogTipper & CatTipper. Both sites focus on pet adoption and saving money on pet care costs. They live in Texas, have two dogs, and four cats. Paris and John have written over two dozen books and their latest title is Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos.

Summer seems to have it’s own special rhythm, we wanted to know what summertime means for a professional blogger and pet owner? Paris says, “Summertime is much like the rest of the year in terms of my work schedule but one big change is a shift in my dog walking schedule. Because of the Texas heat, I have to get up earlier and walk the dogs before it gets hot(ter). I also postpone the evening walk until after dinner.”

I’m known forswitching from nearly 20 years of travel and guidebook writing about the Caribbean to writing about canines! My husband and I were really fortunate to have been able to travel and write about some great places but in 2008 we adopted two young dogs and switched our writing focus to dogs. I think some of our friends think we’ve gone crazy (maybe we have!) but we’ve really enjoyed our new writing specialty and the ability to stay home instead of spending so much time in airports.

I’m working oncompiling a cookbook of dog treat recipes.

10 years from now Ihope my home office is finally organized! It is an ongoing goal that maybe, maybe I’ll be able to get reach in a decade.

I’m currently addicted toFacebook and Twitter. I came into social media kicking and screaming but now I’m hooked. I’m even speaking a conference about how pet pros can use social media. It’s a great way to get out the word about adoptable pets.

I find joyin simple things like wading in our creek with my husband and our dogs or working on decorating and (never-ending) renovation projects around our house.

My secret ambitionhas been to become a certified dog trainer, and I got the chance to make this come true earlier this year!

I can’t do withoutmy family, both the two- and the four-legged members.

I’m most creativein the mornings after a nice walk but before lunch.

I admirethe bloggers who are able to keep regular hours and really separate their work time from their personal time. I’m working hard to schedule more down time into our days but I’m not there yet!

When I grow upI hope I’m still discovering new things that interest me.

PC or Mac? Mac, ever since the very first model!

iPhone or Droid? Actually Blackberry…but iPhone is on the wish list

Coffee or Tea? Tea (but only sweet tea!)

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Crunchy!

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: creative, workaholic, petcentric

Where to find Paris on the Internet:
Websites – DogTipper & CatTipper (Also check out LoveTripper & Texas Tripper!)
Twitter – @DogTipper, @ParisandJohn
Facebook – DogTipper

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