Featured Member Interview: Miriam T.

Miriam blogs at The WiC Project which is full of reviews, giveaways, ponderings, recipes and more!  You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook! Here are Miriam’s answers to our Featured Member interview questions:

What do you like best about working with brands?

One of the things I like the best about working with brands is being able to get a first-look at some of the products in development. Not only do I get to try something new, but I can provide feedback to help make the product event better!

At Blissdom, we featured a Community Vision Board for 2011. What is your vision for this year?

This year I’m trying to embrace the phrase “ You’ve got to be serious to be taken seriously.” Lots of small bloggers want to grow and develop into larger blogs that generate income. In order to do that, we need to break out of the small fish mentality and start acting like big fish blogs! That means setting a standard for ourselves (ex. being paid for our time) and not budging.

How do you create community with your blog readers and those you interact with online?

Beyond staying engaged on Facebook and Twitter (and I believe every blogger should be on at least one of those platforms), to help create The WiC Project community, I do my best to comment back on relevant post comments. I use the ReplyMe plug-in so that people will receive an email to know when I write back. I also started a fun Q&A series (called You Do What, Now?) that asks my readers some totally random questions. I figured it was a fun way for people to know me and for readers to know each other!

Who have been your blogging mentors? and/or Who do you look up to or draw inspiration from?

The biggest inspiration is one of my non-blogging friends who constantly challenges me to do more and think big picture. When it comes to blogging specifically, I honestly draw inspiration from a lot of different bloggers – Angela from Mommy PR and Crissy from Dear Crissy have given some great advice. And Carrie from Springs Bargains is a great technical resource.

Thanks, Miriam! Be sure to stop by The WiC Project and say hi! Find out a bit more about Miriam in her Featured Member Profile on our website!

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