Featured Member Interview: Melissa Jennings

Melissa is the co-founder of the Stockpiling Moms website, a site dedicated to teaching people how to live savvy lifestyles on budget. Stockpiling Moms features recipes (gluten-free and traditional), coupons, deals, giveaways, DIYs, and much more. Melissa lives in Kentucky with her family (husband, Tim and their son). She is a former high school Family and Consumer Science (Home-Ec) teacher and has a Masters degree in Education. In addition to maintain the Stockpiling Moms site, Melissa is a Social Media consultant who has recently been working with Way Better Snacks. I had the pleasure of meeting Melissa and sampling Way Better’s products at the recent Mixed conference in Virginia.

I’m known forsaving money and being super organized

I’m working onnew ideas for the blog in 2013

10 years from now Iwill be the Mom of a high schooler (OH MY)

I’m currently addicted toPinterest

I find joyin cooking healthy meals for my family

My secret ambitionis to host my own TV talk show

I can’t do withoutmy iPhone

I’m most creativebehind the keyboard

I admiremy Mom

When I grow uphmmm – I am grown up! How did that happen?

Do you sing in the shower? NO! I am a terrible singer

Favorite line from a movie or tv show? From Seinfeld – Get OUT! – with a shove

If you could go anywhere for one day, where would you go? I would go back in time for one more day with my Grandparents

Morning person or nighttime person? nighttime

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: Organized, Savvy, Giving

Where to find Melissa on the Internet:
Blog – Stockpiling Moms
Twitter – @stockpilingmoms

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