Featured Member Interview: Mandy B.

Mandy, known better on the Internet as The Well-Read Wife, is a reader and a writer. She started her blog as a place to write about all things literary and has expanded it to include musings from her life including adventures in parenting. Her tastes in books include mysteries, paranormal, and romance genres as well as a good a classic or contemporary work of fiction. Mandy lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband and two sons where she loves net casting and crabbing on her pier.

This week you can find Mandy at BlissDom as a Community Leader for the Parenting Bloggers.

O2O: “As a Community Leader, what do you hope to give to those you come into contact with during the conference?”

Mandy: “I hope to give conference attendees a sense of reassurance. Also, I want to help them with any blogging or writing related concerns they might have.”

If you’re headed to BlissDom and you’re feeling a bit anxious about the social-ness of it all, you can get a head start on some that reassurance from Mandy by reading her post about some of her experiences last year!

I’m known forreading. A lot.

I’m working onputting together a photo and video studio in my office space. This has been a very slow process. I hope to get inspired to speed up the process at BlissDom.

10 years from nowI hope to have published both a memoir and a novel. I also hope to have had a television show or web series within that time frame. Ambitious much?

I’m currently addictedto the television show Portlandia. It’s hilarious!

I find joyin my children’s faces. 🙂

My secret ambitionis to be a Real Housewife. My tagline would be: *deep dramatic voice* I may not wash the clothes myself, but I know a thing or two about dirty laundry…darling.

I can’t do withoutcaffeine, books, Moleskine journals, and my family.

I’m most creativein the middle of the night. Insomnia has brought out some of my best ideas.

I admireanyone who has the courage to be completely honest in their writing.

When I grow upI want to be a humorist.

PC or Mac? Currently PC, but with big dreams to switch over to Mac.

iPhone or Droid? iPhone all the way baby!

Coffee or Tea? Diet Coke

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Smooooth

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: Talkative, Geeky, Funny

Where to find Mandy on the Internet:
Blog – The Well Read Wife

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