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Lisa is the diva behind Drugstore Divas, a deals and savings blog that covers everything from grocery store and drugstore specials to freebies. She also hosts a Sunday Speaks meme where she poses an interesting question to her readers and Tasty Thursday where all sorts of delectable tidbits are shared! Lisa is a New Yorker who recently relocated to North Carolina. She used to work in the newspaper business but now fully devotes her time to being a blogger.

We’re always interested in what people are listening to so we asked Lisa about her favorite kind of music and what is her current favorite song? She says, “I love pop punk. There’s a 13-year-old girl who forever lives in my soul and will not stop listening to pop punk from 1999. All my fave bands had their peak around the time of Y2K — The Starting Line, Yellowcard, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy. I like the bands their younger “siblings” formed — fun., Hot Chelle Rae, etc. That’s the stuff that makes me dance around my apartment when no one’s looking.

My favorite song right now, that’s tough. The last song I bought was Taylor Swift’s Eyes Open, but mostly because I’m kinda obsessed with The Hunger Games. There’s that 13-year-old girl again …”

I’m known foralways finding a deal on something. I know, it’s kind of silly, but I’m known to never pay retail. It gives me the shakes to go to a cashier and pay regular price for anything, so I just don’t do it. I haven’t paid full price in about a decade. Even with Christmas gifts. I’m known to plan really far ahead so that I don’t pay full price. I’ll use some combination of Swagbucks, coupons, whatever it takes. I used to drive my family crazy, talking about all the great deals I got. Eventually, they got tired of hearing about it, so I started Drugstore Divas, a deals and savings blog (I don’t like to call it a “coupon blog” because it’s really more than that; coupons aren’t just a piece of paper, they’re a way to change your life.) The blog afforded me a way to talk about my deals and shopping trips without driving my friends and family nuts.

I’m working onhaving more patience. I always say, “Patience is a virtue that I don’t have.” I’m turning my blog Drugstore Divas into a full time business. It’s been four weeks so far, and I expected to be as big as The Pioneer Woman by now. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination, so I really have to learn to breathe, take my time, and understand that there aren’t many overnight success stories (so I’m not going to be one of them).

10 years from now Iwant to have achieved a lot of things. I want to own a house, be married, have a kid or two, a pet and a garden. Just the simple American Dream that so many people are giving up on. That’s really what I want. Fingers crossed.

I’m currently addicted toWords With Friends. It’s a great way to interact with friends and family who I don’t live close to anymore. Plus, it’s a great vocab teacher. Who knew xa and qi were words?

I find joyeverywhere. I’ve been called eternally optimistic. But it’s true. I always try to find the good in everything and everyone, and I honestly do believe every cloud has a silver lining, although that is very Pollyanna-esque.

My secret ambitionis, well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you ;] But, my not so secret ambition is to have a book published. I worked at newspapers for the majority of my professional life, so I was published a lot. But my dream is to have a book published. Not self published, but published by an actual publishing company.

I wrote a book once upon a time when I was working at a newspaper. I was working in the sports section, but I was obsessed with music. I needed a creative outlet to write about my passion, and there weren’t any music opportunities at the newspaper at the time. So writing a book was it. I shopped it around, and that didn’t go so well. I could have wallpapered a room with the rejection letters. So, once I work on that whole patience thing I was talking about before, I’ll understand shopping a book is a lot harder than it looks and I’ll start trying again. And maybe my dream will come true this time.

I can’t do withoutmy iPhone. I know, addiction to being plugged in alert. But, I just moved from New York to North Carolina and everything is so different down here. I don’t know where anything is and I have no clue how to get there. So I just talk to Siri, ask her where the closest [insert anything here] is, and she tells me. Saves me a lot of aggravation when I’m looking for the closest gas station.

I’m most creativewhen I’m angry. See, when I’m mad, I have to purge myself of those emotions, and I throw them into writing. I can write for work no matter what my mood (which is good because I post 24 to 30 posts daily on my blog), but I can only write for myself when I’m really hurting. I’ve been in an incredibly amazing and healthy relationship with my boyfriend for the last 20 months and I haven’t written a single thing that wasn’t work related. Just shows how I haven’t been mad enough to need that sort of outlet. So now I’m most creative when I’m baking. I can’t cook anything edible, but I can bake.

I admireSantiago, the shepherd boy from The Alchemist, basically anyone strong enough to take a leap of faith and chase their dreams.

When I grow upI wanna be famous, I wanna be a star, I wanna be in movies. No, sorry; that’s that Pussycat Dolls song. Honestly, I already think I’m grown up. And I really like who I am.

PC or Mac? I love Apple-based products. Love my iPhone. Love my iTouch. Love my iPod. Don’t quite mind typing a lowercase i followed by a capital letter. But I own a PC. I don’t like working on a Mac.

iPhone or Droid? No contest: iPhone. Siri is my buddy. When I’m bored, I talk to her. I know, kinda lame, but ask her to talk dirty to you; or ask her if she thinks that boys is cute; or tell her you love her. She’s very chatty and opinionated. Droid doesn’t do that.

Coffee or Tea? Green tea, please. I’m 25% Japanese, so green tea reminds me of where I’ve come from. I do like coffee in frappuccino form, though.

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Crunchy. I prefer orange juice with the pulp too. There’s definitely some sort of correlation there.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: The coupon queen.

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