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laurasfmLaura blogs at Semper Fi Momma, is a USMC wife and mom to three kids. She was among the fabulous ladies that made up the Friends You Love bloggers. Laura’s blog spans a wide range of topics from parenting to cooking to music and more with the occasional review or giveaway thrown in for good measure. Laura enjoys a variety of things that let her be creative like painting, gardening, baking and writing. Her mission is to bridge the gap between the civilian and military worlds, helping each side to a better understanding of how to support and encourage each other.

Every girl’s got a shoe preference so we wondered, would Laura rather wear heels or flats? Her is practical and revealing! “Daily, flats. Dressy, heels. I love the way they make my legs look.” You go, girl!

I’m known forbeing a Military wife, a person with a great amount of patience, being independent and strong, and a fiercely loyal friend.

I’m working onmyself, personally, I’m working on getting back in to shape and becoming a runner. I’d like to run my first half marathon next year in the San Diego Rock n’ Roller Half Marathon with TNT.

10 years from now Imy husband will possibly be retired from the military, my oldest child will be 14, and I hope to have a book published.

I’m currently addicted tobrie on thin rice or sesame crackers.

It really annoys me whentraffic on the interstate stops for no reason.

I find joyin life. I try not to take anything for granted, although I know somethings I do. But if you want to list some of the smaller things that make me happy I’ll go with pedicures, going to the movies, and surprises.

My secret ambitionto be a published author and go on the Rosie O’Donnell show. And now it’s not so secret.

I can’t do withoutthis is a hard one to answer, because at a few points in my life I have done without everything. I think I’ll go with a favorite book. Books are always a good escape when needed, and the batteries never die.

I’m most creativelate at night. For some reason burning the midnight oil always seems to get the creative juices flowing. And, of course, I get a lot of ideas when there are no pens around.

I admirepeople who are brave enough to take the unknown roads in life. Maybe the adventure was a complete fail, but at least you tried it out.

When I grow upWhen I grow up … Do we ever completely grow up? When I was 13 I remember thinking 30 was being a grown up. Now I’m here, and I have much more life experience under my belt, a whole bucket load of responsibilities, a marriage, and children of my own, but I’m not sure I feel ‘grown up’.

Coffee or tea? I will always choose coffee first, but I do love tea as well. I’m a huge fan of Teavana Tea’s, but if I’m drinking just a plain ol’ glass of iced tea I prefer it to be unsweetened.

PC or Mac? PC by default. I’ve never owned a Mac. However I do have my eye on the Mac Book Pro.

iPhone or Droid? Droid.

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter is where you’ll find me the most, but I love utilizing both.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill!

Where to find Laura on Internet (thank goodness the Internet doesn’t move every 3 years!)
Semper Fi Momma

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