Featured Member Interview: Kimberly O.

kimberlyWe have another amazing Friends You Love blogger to introduce today! Kimberly lives in Oregon, blogs at Pretty Pink Momma, is the mother of three boys and loves all things chic and pretty. On her blog you’ll find stories from her life with boys as well as reviews about items that she deems to be fabulous, and great deals to pass on to her readers. As bloggers, we do most of our writing using computer keyboards but we just had to know, would Kimberly rather write with a pencil or a pen? She says, “Pen – no do overs”. Now that’s some hardcore writing!

I’m known forbeing driven crazy by my three little boys.

I’m working oncleaning, cleaning and more cleaning – my house, my blog, my email accounts.

10 years from now Iwill be cleaning up after three smelly teenage boys… ewww! I don’t even want to think about the bathroom situation!

I’m currently addicted toDiet Dr. Pepper Cherry.

It really annoys me whenmy husband can’t remember what I said… just two seconds after I said it!

I find joyin staying up late watching TV while everyone else is ASLEEP.

My secret ambitionis to one day own a beauty salon.

I can’t do withoutmy favorite TV shows. I love being sucked in to the story lines!

I’m most creativeat Christmas time – I think wrapping presents is an art.

I admirewomen that make doing it all look so easy.

When I grow upGrow up? Never.

Coffee or tea? Neither. Except the tea they serve in Chinese restaurants – love that stuff!

PC or Mac? PC, I wish I could afford a Mac though.

iPhone or Droid? Droid but that new iPhone looks so amazing I may need to switch.

Twitter or Facebook? I can’t choose, they are both amazing for different reasons.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill, but refrigerated kosher dill only.

Thanks so much, Kimberly for answering our questions and being involved with Friends You Love!

Where to find Kimberly on the Internet:
Her blog – Pretty Pink Momma

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