Featured Member Interview – Kim G.

What’s that smell? It’s Kim…er, Kim’s blog that is! Kim doesn’t smell, well she does, using her nose, we all do…but you know what we mean! Ok, ok, lame attempts at humor aside, Kim is a featured member this month at O2O and she writes a fun, non-odoriferous blog called What’s That Smell? full of life musings, stuff for moms, pop culture & celebrity news, as well as reviews and giveaways. Kim was an architect before deciding to stay home to be with her two children but these days, it’s not only motherhood keeping her busy! Kim is a brand ambassador, entrepreneur, speaker and more! Moms have a lot going on in their lives and often there is music to live by, so we wondered – what was the last song Kim had heard before answering our questions? You won’t be shocked to find out that that is was the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song! Disney songs tend to dominate the soundtrack of our lives for awhile!

Take it away, Kim!

I’m known formy tenacity and skills at Words With Friends

I’m working ontrying to be a better cook

10 years from now Iwill get the senior discount at stores (ok maybe it’s a bit longer than 10 years…but I deserve the senior coffee)

I’m currently addicted toLife

I find joyin watching my children learn

My secret ambitionI’d like to be a superhero with a cape but I’d settle for being an FBI agent in the behavior sciences division to catch serial killers

It really annoys me whenpeople don’t put their blog url in their email signature

I can’t do withoutmy iPad

I’m most creativewhen I’m asleep

I admirepeople who have endured unimaginable things yet still have a smile for a stranger

When I grow upwell shoot, no one told me I had to grow up

Coffee or tea? coffee

PC or Mac? I have a PC but want a Mac

iPhone or Droid? iPhone

Twitter or Facebook? Sure

Pickles – sweet or dill? Sweet!

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: witty, sarcastic and old

Where to find Kim on the Internet:
Blog – What’s That Smell?


  1. Kim is old! Loved the interview. 🙂

  2. Haha…you’re old. How many AARP calls have there been? One thing it fails to say up there is that you’re a good friend. <3

  3. Great interview Kim! And yes I have to agree that you are one tough cookie to beat at Words For Friends!

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