Featured Member Interview: Katie D.

Katie is better known as the Domestic Debacle though we find her anything but a debacle! Katie’s style and flair make her memorable but it’s her genuine warmth and infectious personality that keep you coming back for more. Katie lives in Ohio, is married and has a daughter. She loves everything Disney, studied Aerospace and military sciences in college but now finds herself as a substitute preschool teacher which she says is a lot more fun!

We’re happy to be featuring Katie this month on and we enjoyed her responses to our interview questions. Without further ado, here’s more about Katie!

I’m known forPolka Dots!

I’m working ongetting my daughter ready for Kindergarten. She’ll be gone all day šŸ™

10 years from now Iwant to be skinny and a millionaire. Since both are not likely to happen, I’ll stick with just being happy!

I’m currently addicted totrying new recipes!

It really annoys me whenI get behind on everything!

I worry aboutNot getting things done on time.

I find joyin the little things, mostly my husband and daughter.

My secret ambitionis to work for Disney

I can’t do without laughter.

I’m most creativewhen I surround myself with my friends

I admiremy husband’s patience.

When I grow upGrow up? I’ll always lie about my age šŸ˜‰

Coffee or tea? COFFEE.

PC or Mac? I’m a PC.

iPhone or Droid? iPhone 3gs. I’m old school baby.

Twitter or Facebook? Ooohhh- them’s fightin’ words! Twitter is my drug of choice.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill. Preferably with a cheeseburger chaser!

You can find Katie on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to stop by her place and say Hi!

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