Featured Member Interview – Kat Tierney

Kat, best known as the Sassy Irish Lassie, hails not from Ireland but from Chicagoland with her husband and two boys. She writes prose, poetry, and fiction, is an avid photographer, a fierce competitor on the soccer field, and one heck of a dancer! Kat is the Fun Bliss editor for Blissfully Domestic and covers everything from music & books to crafts & photography. She’s also been my BlissDom roomie for three years now and I can’t imagine being there without her. Speaking of BlissDom, Kat was a Photography Community Leader at BlissDom ’12. Read on to learn more about this sassy lassie!

I’m known formy mad dancing skills.

I’m working onchanging careers.

10 years from now Iwill almost be an empty nester!

I’m currently addicted togreen monster smoothies.

I find joyin spending time with my family.

My secret ambitionis to be a paddle board instructor.

I can’t do withoutrunning.

I’m most creativewith a pen in my hand, or in the shower when I wish I had a pen in my hand!

I admiremy Grandmother.

When I grow updo I have too??

PC or Mac? Mac

iPhone or Droid? Droid

Coffee or Tea? Coffee!!

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Smooth

Where to find Kat on the Internet:
Blog – Sassy Irish Lassie

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  1. love me some kat! 🙂

    (And Malia!)

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