Featured Member Interview – Jill Anderson

We’re delighted to introduce you to Jill, the blogger behind The Diaper Diaries (or more recently, The Diaper FREE Diaries, as she navigates the potty training saga with her youngest child!) Jill has been blogging since 2007 and I vividly remember meeting her at BlissDom ’09 when I may or may not have completely gushed, upon seeing her walk up to registration, “You’re Jill of Diaper Diaries. I LOVE YOU!!” {Ahem.} This year, you’ll find Jill at BlissDom ’12 as one of the fabulous Community Leaders! Jill is probably best known in the world of mom bloggers for her candid posts about marriage. Since she often writes about marriage we wondered, what is the best marriage advice she and husband, Ryan ever received? “Marriage isn’t 50/50, but 100/0. You give 100% no matter what your spouse is capable of giving you. If you wait for them to do their 50 you will often be disappointed.”

And to continue with our January theme: Any resolutions or goals for the year? “Continue to eat healthy and exercise, be more present with my children, and go on more dates with my husband.”

I’m known formy sense of humor

I’m working onmy new marriage blog with my husband (check it out

10 years from now IWILL HAVE THREE TEENAGERS (make it stop!!)

I’m currently addicted toPinterest, and in very good company

I find joyin the giggles of my children

My secret ambitionis to learn to sew

I can’t do withoutchocolate, dark chocolate

I’m most creativewhen coloring with my kids

I admiremy parents. everything about them.

When I grow upI wanna be a mom and wife. Oh wait, I got that.

PC or Mac? PC

iPhone or Droid? Droid

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Peanut butter – crunchy or smooth? Who cares if it is with chocolate

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: fun, fashionable, talkative

Where to find Jill on the Internet:

Blog – The Diaper Diaries & new site For Better and Worse
Twitter – @DiaperDiaries
Facebook – The Diaper Diaries and For Better and Worse
Pinterest – Follow Jill’s Boards


  1. This is the first time I’ve visited O2O and I’m excited to learn more about this new site. I noticed it’s still beta testing. When do you suspect you’ll complete that?

  2. Your blog The Diaper Diaries is really good with a lot of interesting posts. Thanks

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