Featured Member Interview: Jayme W.

Jayme is known online as The Random Blogette and also uses her blogging prowess as a Friends You Love blogger. Jayme hails from Ohio, is married and has two kids. She loves shopping, Dave Matthews Band and dressing up as blonde (and not-so-blonde) celebrities for Halloween. She’s passionate about helping women embrace their bodies and love themselves. We think Jayme would rock-out on a game show so we asked, “Would you rather be a contestant on The Price is Right or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Her answer? “The Price is Right! I am so much better at guessing prices than remembering important historical facts, unless it was an all pop culture edition of WWTBAM. I would rule at that game!”

Jayme, is that your final answer? Of course not because there are more questions! Keep reading for more insights in Jayme’s world.

I’m known forlaughing at inappropriate times, and trying to get all women to embrace their body!

I’m working onwriting a book. Well, trying…

10 years from now Iwant to be working from home with a career in social media.

I’m currently addicted toPinterest. Seriously, I cannot stop pinning EVERYTHING.

It really annoys me whenpeople are rude and think that blogging is a joke.

I find joyin being with my family.

My secret ambitionto be self-employed and never have to work for “the man” anymore!

I can’t do withoutDiet Coke. Seriously, I cannot start my day without one.

I’m most creativewhen I have been drinking (at night).

I admiremy mom. She is such an amazingly strong woman. I want to be just like her one day.

When I grow upI want to be just like my mom.

Coffee or tea? Neither. Diet Coke.

PC or Mac? PC.

iPhone or Droid? I am one of the sad ones that does not have either one. I will be investing in a Droid this month! The husband refuses to get an iPhone.

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook. That may change when I have easier access with a new smartphone.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Neither.

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  1. Thank you so much for this spotlight! I am honored.

  2. I love Pinterest, but keep forgetting to Pin stuff! I love my Droid2 but it takes crappy photos. My mom used to drink a Coke every morning! How do you do that? GAH!

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