Featured Member Interview: Erin B.

Erin writes at My Little Miracles and is a Friends You Love blogger. She’s married, has two sons and lives in California. Erin is a cancer survivor and lives by the motto, “Life happens, so LIVE IT!” (Yes, we agree!) We asked Erin to tell us, if she could invite five people to dinner, living or deceased, who would be on her guest list. Erin says, “My dad, so he can see how I turned out since he died when I was 10. My brother, so I could slap him for dying on me when he was only 25. The child I lost at 5 months pregnant, so that I may come to know him/her and how he/she might have turned out. And both my sons, so they can meet some of the people that should be in their lives, that should be there to teach and share and remember.” That would be the sweetest family reunion ever!

And now a little light-heartedness –

I’m known formy smile. My sense of humor, I’m just an ordinary person who does things in an extra-ordinary way, I’m simply complex that way!

I’m working onmy patience!

10 years from now Ihope to go to Ireland, the homeland, to explore, and wander and meet people. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay a while?

I’m currently addicted towriting! I have started into the world of fictitious writing and I’m constantly writing or thinking about writing.

It really annoys me whenpeople don’t listen! Especially ones that are under 40″ tall and live in my house!

I find joyspending time with my family and friends.

My secret ambitionwould really be to go back to school and get my PhD in psychology

I can’t do withoutmy boys. I was told I would never have them, and now that I do, I can’t live without them. I am the classic “I don’t remember my life before them and I can’t imagine my life without them”

I’m most creativewhen I have the time to just “be”. Usually laying in bed at night, when it’s dark, and of course don’t have a paper or a pen and by morning, forget!

I admiremy mom. She’s the strongest woman I know and one of my best friends.

When I grow upI’ll never grow up, but I can fake it until I make it? Yeah that sounds good!

Coffee or tea? How about just some water, as I would have to put WAY to much sugar in both to even attempt to drink them.

PC or Mac? “Mac??? I’m a Peterbuilt” Get it? From Cars? *sigh* nevermind, I use a PC. (LOL!!)

iPhone or Droid? Definitely my droid, I can’t do without it, I can’t put it down, it “sleeps” in my bra during the day and under my pillow at night! Ohhh Droid, how I love thee, let me count the ways!

Twitter or Facebook? TWITTER!!! I can’t spend as much time on there as I would like, so I’m a “drive by tweeter”, send a quick random tweet and split.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill by far, but only plain, don’t ruin them by putting them on a hamburger or sandwich!

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  1. Awesome answers Erin. I just got a droid too. It’s fantastic. So sweet that you can’t remember your life before your boys. They are lucky to have you as a mom.

  2. LOVE these answers. What a great family reunion! Ohhh & I am right there with you on the Droid… what in the world would we do without our phones???

  3. What you said about who you’d eat dinner with had me in tears! Probably the most beautiful one I’ve ever read!

    I’d love to go to Ireland, if I weren’t afraid of flying. And the Droid in your bra…you may need the PhD!

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