Featured Member Interview: Dana Blake

danaDana is the CEO of the successful product review site, Baby Elan {daily}. Featuring products for babies, kids, mothers, expectant mothers and green living, Baby Elan {daily} strives to be your source for the very best products in all those areas. Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Dana is a wife, entrepreneur and writer as well as a fan of shopping for fabulous items. She’s “an internet junky, a “beginner” fan of baseball, and a firm believer to the “laid back” approach to parenting!”

We know Dana is super busy right now, in fact she’s getting  Baby Elan {daily} ready for the huge kid expo this weekend known as The ABC Show. We’re so grateful to Dana for graciously accepting our interview request in the midst of this busy season. So here are some fun facts about Dana!

I’m known forbeing a mom of boys who finally had a baby girl!

I’m working ontoo many projects to count including a children’s book series.

10 years from now II’ll be visiting my oldest child in college, be fulfilled in life and hopefully not pregnant again!

I’m currently addicted tosour patch kids {I’ve been addicted to those for years} and peanut butter swirl ice cream. Oh, and with Fall setting in, homemade spiced pumpkin butter spread on warm honey wheat toast!! Pumpkin chai lattes too! Outside of food…Pinterest is my online obsession. I have an addictive personality…

It really annoys me whenthe shower curtain won’t stay shut when I’m in there! I spend most of my time fixing the shower curtain and less time grooming.

I worry aboutdeath. Freaks me out on a daily basis.

I find joyin the sound of my children playing together outside; not inside, they fight inside. And their eyelashes, their eyelashes fill me with pride! Gorgeous!

My secret ambitionwhat secret ambition! I’m an open book when it comes to goals and ambitions, and they all involve succeeding with style!

I can’t do withoutthe internet, every corner of it!

I’m most creativeat night when it’s quiet and I can really let my mind flow. That’s when the “lists” are made, to do this and to do that; I would be more creative and productive if I actually completed said lists.

I admireso many different people at any given time. Right now, I admire my mother after the passing of my father and the strength and grace she’s shown to get through this difficult time.

When I grow upI just hope “retirement” is in the picture!

Coffee or tea? Iced coffee when it’s hot, Chai tea when it’s cold.

PC or Mac? Have a PC, annoys me. Want a MAC!

iPhone or Droid? HA, same…Have a Droid, annoys me. Want an iPhone!

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook 100%! But Twitter sucks me in around midnight…

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill all the way!

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