Featured Member Interview: Chelle

chelleChelle is a wife to a military husband and mother to three little girls. They live in the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi and enjoy exploring the great outdoors. Chelle served in the Air Force for seven years and worked in Iraq and Turkey. These days Chelle is the writer at Winey Mommy and a Friends You Love blogger. As her blog name suggests, she loves wine as well as photography, reading and social media. With her vast array of mad skillz, we couldn’t help but wonder would Chelle rather be able to fly or read minds? She replies, “Read minds, although I am sure that I would change my mind once I began to read people’s minds!” We guess supernatural power does have it’s drawbacks!

Read on to learn more about what makes Chelle tick!

I’m known forbeing a lover of fall, sunshine, wine and fresh crayons. Not necessarily in that order.

I’m working ongetting my three daughters to nap at the same time daily.

10 years from now Iam sure to have more wrinkles and will be living back in my home state of Missouri.

I’m currently addicted tocoffee, my nook and Diet Coke.

It really annoys me whenI hear people eat/chew. Ew…

I find joyin opening my home’s windows and photography.

My secret ambitionto be a great photographer.

I can’t do withoutsleep. And caffeine. Both are a must.

I’m most creativewhen my children are asleep.

I admiremy parents. They have 8 children–4 of which are biological and 4 of which are adopted from China!

When I grow upI want to be free spirited and be less stressed.

Coffee or tea? Coffee. With flavored creamer.

PC or Mac? PC but I want a Mac.

iPhone or Droid? iPhone for sure.

Twitter or Facebook? Hm. That’s a hard one…but I’ll say Twitter for today.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill spears for the win!

Thanks for the interview, Chelle!

Where you can find Chelle online:
Winey Mommy

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