Featured Member Interview – Carolyn G.

Carolyn has several blogs but is probably best known for Carolyn in Carolina. She’s “a former city girl living in the country…a fundraiser, event planner, writer, Latina/Tica, social media junkie and all around goofy girl” – love that description! She’s been a One2One Network member since April 2009, her favorite project was the Rock of Ages soundtrack review and she’s eagerly anticipating the movie due to be released next year. We were delighted to have Carolyn answer our interview questions so that we all can get to know her a little bit better!

10 years from nowI hope to be retired and living in Costa Rica.

I’m currently addictedto Naked Juice Coconut water

It really annoys me whenI don’t get my way. Just kidding.

I find joywhenever I can

My secret ambitionis to be a world class chef and own a world famous restaurant

I can’t do withoutmy family

I’m most creativeunder pressure

I admirepeople who live with integrity

When I grow upI want to be me!

Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee

PC or Mac? PC

iPhone or Droid? Blackberry

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter with a pinch of Facebook

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill!

Be sure to stop by Carolyn’s place and say hello! You can also follow her on Twitter!

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