Featured Member Interview – Anne Parris

Anne claims that she’s Not A Supermom but she is super witty and a lot of fun to read! Anne is a home educating mom of four kids, two of whom have graduated from homeschooling and now attend college. She has three floor poopers, er, pets and says that her husband is the Ricky to her Lucy. Anne will be co-hosting a fun O2O All-Stars bowling party with our very own Linda Sellers at an AMF Bowling center in Richmond later this month! She answered our interview questions with her savvy sense of humor and we know you’ll enjoy getting to Anne a little bit better!

I’m known formy quick wit. I try to use it only for good.

I’m working onbeing more detail oriented, which is funny considering I was a corporate accountant.

10 years from now Iwill have worked myself out of this parenting gig. I’m trying to plan now for my life then so I don’t cry too much.

I’m currently addicted totwitter. I’m @notasupermom. I try to be amusing, but I promise nothing.

It really annoys me whenI let things annoy me. Life’s too short to let little things bug you.

I worry aboutif I’ve done a good job with my kids. It’s my most important job.

I find joyin being a helper. I’ll do anything if you tell me it helps. I live to serve.

My secret ambitionis to shop for a bathing suit and not cry in the dressing room. Lie to me, magic mirror!

I can’t do withoutsticking my cold feet on my husband at night. I know he’s a keeper because he lets me.

I’m most creativewhen the house is quiet. Still waiting for that to happen.

I admire….strong women who make things happen. I’ve connected with several through One2One. It’s a great organization and very well run.

When I grow upI want to be the mom and grandma everybody loves to visit.

Coffee or tea? Both, but not at the same time because that would be gross.

PC or Mac? I use a PC, but Macs are cool too. I just don’t want to pay an extra thousand dollars for a back-lit keyboard when all I do is read e-mail and cruise the Internet.

iPhone or Droid? I love my HTC Evo, so, Droid.

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter. Twitter is like a fun cocktail party and Facebook is like a family reunion where you are trapped in the buffet line listening to a story involving the word “placenta”. No fun story has the word “placenta” in it.

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill. I love sour pickles, but I recommend not eating them before you go on a roller coaster. Because that did not happen to me yesterday.

You’ll want to stop by Anne’s place and say hi! You can also follow her on Twitter!


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