Featured Member Interview: Andrea of Momma In Flip Flops2

We’re delighted to feature Andrea this month on One2One Network! Andrea is a review blogger, a mom to three young children and, as her blog name indicates, can often be found wearing flip flops! Recently she’s been holding a Spring Fashion Event and has had the opportunity try out all kinds of fun clothing  and accessories for her and her kids. Andrea participated in the Crystal Light Pure project last month and was one of the lucky gift card winners. We’ve very much enjoyed getting to know Andrea!

1. What do you like best about working with brands?

Trying all sorts of new and fabulous products as well as connecting with some really awesome people.

2. At Blissdom, we featured a Community Vision Board for 2011. What is your vision for this year?

My vision this year for my blog is to feature more photo’s of the products actually being used. Nothing better than being able to see the product used or being worn in real life. Plus I love photos!

3. How do you create community with your blog readers and those you interact with online?

I try to keep things organized as to what my readers interests are so I can connect and interact with them.. I have a big fan base so it’s hard to keep everyone straight but by doing that I remember and can get to know them and what’s going on in their lives/blogs easier.

4. Who have been your blogging mentors? and/or Who do you look up to or draw inspiration from?

I first started blogging because of my friend Sharon at The Birds Nest – a super great friend and I loved her site. I love collaborating with Ellen of Thrifty & Chic Mom, we throw ideas around, team up together and her blog is amazing!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our interview questions, Andrea! Be sure to stop by Momma In Flip Flops2 and give Andrea some comment love!

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  1. I love you Andrea congrats on being featured and thanks for the mention!

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