Featured Member Interview – Andrea B.

Andrea is the blogger at Good Girl Gone Redneck and an avid Twitter-er! She hails from North Carolina after having lived in New York her entire life. Living in The South has been an adjustment for Andrea but she has found solace in sweet tea (the wine of The South!) and hushpuppies (yum!). She is a married mom of one daughter, loves to read, watch TV, and write! Andrea’s blog covers a lot of territory from personal musings, to memes and book reviews. We met Andrea through the Friends You Love blogging event in October and are delighted to get to know her better. Being that she’s a transplanted Northerner, we wondered would Andrea rather go swimming in the ocean or hiking in the mountains? She say, “Swimming in the ocean. I am like a fish when I can be and love the water.”

I’m known forbeing a Native New Yorker who now lives down South!

I’m working onfinding and holding onto myself in my role as a mom.

10 years from now Ihope that I have raised my daughter to be a strong, smart and proud teenage girl … (ACK!)

I’m currently addicted toAdele. I absolutely adore her.

I find joyin the little things. Like my child’s laugh, a small smile, or a goofy joke.

My secret ambitionis to publish something I have written.

It really annoys me whenwomen put down other women. I just find there to be no point or purpose and think that we would all do so much better to support one another.

I can’t do withoutmy DVR. I seriously would never get to watch the shows I love (and need!) without it!

I’m most creativelate at night.

I admiresingle mothers. I think they don’t get nearly enough credit for all that they do every single day.

When I grow upI want the chance to travel the world. Get to the places I have always wanted to see (like Barcelona and Israel.)

Coffee or tea? Tea. But I do like some flavored coffees that are yum.

PC or Mac? Mac all the way!

iPhone or Droid? Android!

Twitter or Facebook? Twitter – I am actually not on FB!

Pickles – sweet or dill? Sweet.

Three words my friends would use to describe me are: honest, loyal and real.

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