Featured Member Interview – Alicia Hagan

Alicia is the creative force behind The Mommy Insider and She’s a mom to two kids, a blogger, a speaker and has been involved with online media for over ten years. She loves to travel, read, learn, and sit on her front porch watching the birds (that sounds wonderfully relaxing!).

Speaking of relaxing, we wondered if Alicia would rather take a bubble bath or a long shower? Break out the Calgon because Alicia is a bubble bath kind of girl!

We were delighted to get to catch-up with Alicia get to know her better. And now, her answers to our fun, quirky interview questions!

I’m known forfounding and being mom to two pretty great kids!
I’m working onre-designing and
10 years from nowmy son will be 22 years old!
I’m currently addicted toair.
I find joyin knitting and being outdoors.
My secret ambitionis to learn how to be less stressed.
It really annoys me whenpeople say “How are WE doing today?”
I can’t do withoutmy kids.
I’m most creativewhen I’m in a quiet room.
I admirepeople who don’t multitask. They focus on one thing at a time and do it really well.
When I grow upI want to be a good mom.
Coffee or tea? Tea
PC or Mac? Mac
iPhone or Droid? iPhone
Twitter or Facebook? Twitter
Pickles – sweet or dill? Gross!
Three words my friends would use to describe me are: Motivated, silly, and short.

Where to find Alicia online:
The Mommy Insider

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  1. Nice to meet you! I love that you knit!

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