Featured Member Interview: Alicia C.

This is Alicia, she’s cheesy. No really, we’re not being snarky, she calls herself Queso and she blogs at It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy! She’s also the cheesiest of the Friends You Love bloggers, no really – check out her picture! If a turkey on your head isn’t cheesy… Alicia hails from California, is a SAHM to three children and wife to her dreamboat hubby. (Aw!) On her blog she writes all about life as a wedge of cheese (and fun stuff about being a mom and wife!) plus you’ll find reviews of products she likes and giveaways. Alicia loves Red Bull, “your mom” jokes & Murder She Wrote. And if she had to live without music or live without T.V., which would it be? Alicia says, “Without TV…I can’t live without music! There’s always a song running through my mind!”

Our cheesy interview questions were a piece of cake (cheese?) for Alicia!

I’m known forputting all my cards out on the table. Keepin’ it real is how I roll!

I’m working onbeing the best wife and mother ever! Domestic Goddess here I come!

10 years from now Iplan on being snuggled up my my hubs and dealing with the chaos that will be raising TEENAGERS!

I’m currently addicted toRed Bull and watching Criminal Minds!!

It really annoys me whenpeople talk during television shows…or movies…

I find joyin hearing my children laugh

My secret ambitionis to be the ultimate party planner. That would be my DREAM job.

I can’t do withoutmy family. I’d be lost without them.

I’m most creativein the wee hours of the night. Probably because I’m delirious!

I admiremy mother…she is my inspiration.

When I grow upHeck no! I’m never growing up!

Coffee or tea? Neither!

PC or Mac? PC for me.

iPhone or Droid? Droid…I love, love, LOVE my phone….its an addiction 🙂

Twitter or Facebook? Tweet tweet my friends!

Pickles – sweet or dill? Dill ALL the way! Sweet pickles make me dry heave.

Need more cheese? Of course you do! Go visit Alicia at her place and hang with her on Twitter!

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