Featured Member: Erica Mueller

Erica Mueller describes herself as, “a self-taught graphic designer for both web and print, a WordPress lover and manipulator, freelance writer, blogger, and a social media enthusiast”. Erica sings, plays piano and guitar, knows sign language, and enjoys paper crafting, sewing and gardening. You can find Erica on her blog, Erica Says and on her design site, Techno Mom Designs.

1. What do you like most about interacting with brands?

I like learning that the brands I already love are actually interested in the consumers of their products. I also enjoy being one of the first to try something new and telling people about it. Working with brands is more than just free product and coupons. It’s a tangible connection, a chance to have your voice heard, and an excellent opportunity to learn a little about marketing!

2. What is one thing you do as a blogger than you feel contributes to the success of your blog?

For me, I think it’s reader interaction. I don’t have a very good posting schedule, but when I do post, and people comment, I do my very best to make them feel welcome and to continue the conversation. Even comments my guest posts on other blogs deserve a good, personal follow-up. I also work very hard to be true to myself, to give my readers reason to trust and appreciate my views.

3. What has helped you grow the most as a blogger?

I think being involved in social media and meeting other bloggers has been very beneficial to me. I now have lots of friends online who are always there to listen to my ideas, tell me when I’m being stupid, and encourage me along the way. Communities/Forums, Skype Rooms, and Twitter have all served to connect me with these fabulous people.

4. In what ways have social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook helped you as blogger? Have they hindered you at all?

I think they have both helped me. I live in a tiny town outside of nowhere and have very little face to face time with other bloggers, so being able to connect and communicate via social media has been a big plus. Facebook keeps me in touch with my readers. Twitter is another channel of communication with my loyal followers, as well as a vehicle for finding new readers!

5. Who are the mentors in your life? And who has been a key guide for you as you’ve built your business?

In life: My grandmother, my dad, and my husband. They’re the boulders in this crazy, fast rushing river of life. When I’m feeling washed away, I can cling to one of them or remember their strength and go one more day without drowning.

In business: My mom, Jessica Smith, Angela England, and Allison Worthington. These women have been so generous with their knowledge, praise, and encouragement. I really don’t think I’d have the confidence in myself that I do without these women.

6. As a mom and a businesswoman, we know you are hardworking and loving it. When you do get a chance to pamper yourself, what do you do first?

Get. Out. Working from home means I spend almost 24/7 in the same four walls, with a three year old. I love it. Really, I do. But, when the opportunity arises, I skip town so to speak. An hour at the coffee shop, shopping, a day out of town with a friend, whatever the case may be, getting out of the house does wonders for my mood and leaves me refreshed.


  1. I also should have mentioned that Erica made our Facebook landing page! She is awesome!

  2. Malia,

    You are too sweet!

    Thank you so much for the feature and for all you do to make O2O an awesome community!!

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