Fashion is in the Camera Bag!

Stylish Camera Bags for Women

Fall is a great time to get out and take photos.  The colors are fresh and bright and there is so much texture to the scenery, it never gets old.  If you are a woman you haven’t had much choice in fashionable ways to carry your gear until now.   Fashion is key now, and women are raising the bar, producing fabulous bags that look like designer handbags you would find in any store.

Lotus at Blissfully Domestic shows us her Jo Totes black rose bag.

The Rose, by Jo Totes – Camera Bag Review.

“The Rose comes with several velcro-functional inserts so that you can create sections as you see fit to house your equipment.  Additionally you’ll find pockets on the inside – a few open ones that you can slide small items into and out of easily, as well as a larger, zippered pocket.  There is also a large, zippered pocket on the backside of the exterior.”

Two other brands that have fabulous designs are Epiphanie (we love the Belle)

and Kelly Moore Bags. (Have you seen the new Juju?)

Their styles fit our lifestyle.  The bags are roomy and designed so that we can easily access the equipment.  We want to be fashionable, but crave functionality!  I’m so impressed with what women can do when they see a need put their minds to filling that void.   The result in this case is something fun and yet still functional.  Your camera gear never looked so good!


  1. I have a Kelly Moore bag and love it! It’s nice to have more options beyond a bulky black bag.

  2. I definitely will want to recommend this to my girlfriends!

  3. omg I want one for my Canon Camera!

  4. Those are fabulous – I want one! It’s good to know there are stylish options available.

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