Do you 365?

A “365 project” is code for taking at least one picture everyday for an entire year. January is often a popular time to start a 365 project along with weight loss resolutions, trips to the store for organizational paraphernalia and plans (once again) to save money every month so that Christmas spending doesn’t sneak up on you. That being said, 365 can be started any time or day of the year and is fun, attainable goal.

If you love taking pictures, no matter your skill level or type of camera, you’ll find that a 365 project can be very fulfilling and rewarding. My favorite part is looking back over a year’s worth of pictures and remembering all sorts of little details that may have otherwise been forgotten. I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in my skills, all from spending time with my camera, a little bit each day.

Another fun twist is to choose a particular subject to photograph every day, for instance:  food, flowers, toys, cars, etc. Or choosing a particular way to take a picture:  using the camera on your phone, instant film cameras or shooting only in black and white. Use your imagination to create a 365 project that is unique to you!

We have found several of our members with 365 projects!

  • Melissa of A Little of This A Little of That, participates in an online project here. I’m particularly impressed with the photo of the icicle, it’s stunning!
  • Christy has a blog site dedicated to her 365 project. Her kiddos are adorable!
  • A very popular place to keep your 365 photos organized and viewable is on Flickr, as Deanna has done. I love the details you can see in the picture of her cat. Find Bridget’s photos there as well! Her maternity shots are priceless.
  • Dianne participates in Mommytography’s 365 and posts her photos on her own photography site, Bunny Trails Photography. The ‘fence lines’ photo is beautiful and compelling.
  • Jennifer is using her iPhone to do her 365! Look at that mug of hot chocolate!
  • Lu of Hyperactive Lu puts her photos right on her blog using a label to distinguish them from other posts. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who takes pictures of random food items!

What about you? Do you 365? Let us know in the comments so we can come ogle your pictures, too!


  1. Great post – A great way to no only see others 365 projects but to also find new blogs and meet other O2O Members! Thanks!

  2. I do the 365 Project this year. Started a bit late which means I will go up to sometime in January 2012…

  3. Oh this is great! I will definitely swing by and see their projects. This is my first year doing 365. I upload to my flickr account and add to a 365 group and also upload to the
    I think at the end of the year I will really enjoy all the details captured.

  4. Love my 365 Project. Although I don’t post my photos daily because of time constraints. I post them once per week on Sunday evenings. I am even toying with the idea of collecting them in bound book format to give to my boys so they have a special memory of this year. Wanna see mine? Check out 🙂

  5. I am a little late to the program. Can I still participate? I do post pictures regularly. So, it’s possible I’m not as far behind as I think I am.

    Let me know what you think. I really would love to join in.


  6. I adore my 365 Project! Can’t wait to check out the other bloggers pics. Mine are at

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