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dive into live streamingLive streaming is the new darling of visual content creation. For years now we’ve been hearing that visual content is key, especially for getting good placement within Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms as well as for generating website traffic. And now it just got a whole lot easier. With live streaming there’s no extra time spent on editing or reshoots, you simply press a broadcast button and start sharing. It’s social sharing meets video creation and it’s the trend not only to watch but to join if you want more opportunities with brands.

facebook youtube younow periscopeBrands are shifting from allocating dollars for more traditional forms of visual advertising (like television) and putting more of their resources towards influencer visual content creation methods (like live streaming). Emarkerter shared a recent survey from Trusted Media Brands which reported that 17% of PR agencies and 19% of in-house marketing departments will definitely be investing in live stream ads this year. That may not seem like a lot but 71% and 60% respectively also said they ‘might’ consider it. The fact that it’s even on their radar to consider is a good indication that those 17% & 19% numbers will be growing as we move into 2017. Remember, it wasn’t that long ago when PR agencies and in-house marketing departments were only thinking about creating budgets for blog and social media influencer programs. Now those programs are considered must haves for most marketing strategies and the budgets for them have grown. Live streaming will be the next one to be integrated.

roker mediaSomeone who really understands this phenomenon and who is poised to be the leading live stream content provider is Al Roker. Yes, the TODAY Show weatherman who has consistently been the first of his colleagues to adopt new technology trends and utilize social media, is paddling the live stream with a new media company. Roker Media is the first live streaming network and will bring together brands, influencers, and audiences. Mr. Roker recently told Media Link that, “Live streaming deserves it’s own platform.” And his new company will be key in providing such a platform.

As an influencer network we are thrilled to announce that we have a strategic partnership with Roker Media working on brand-sponsored series creation, product integrations, and partnerships with live streaming influencers. Are you an influencer who wants to dive into the live stream waters or who has already made a splash and is looking for ways to monetize? Apply to be an O2O influencer today! And if you’re already an O2O influencer, login and update your profile by connecting your Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and/or Snapchat accounts.

Are you a brand that wants to get your product integrated into the industry’s top influencer live streaming content? Why not reach out and let’s chat about the opportunities!

Come on in, the water’s fine!


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