Disney World Brings Their Twist To Conferences

I had the pleasure of attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration for the second year in a row.  It’s a wonderful event held in Walt Disney World with blogging partners Amy Lupold Bair, Janice Croze, Jennifer James and Maria Bailey.  If you’ve ever been to Disney, you know they don’t do anything halfway, and for this event they pull out all the stops to entertain the bloggers and families and educate in interactive environments.

For example…

It’s not every day you attend a press event covering Disney’s 20th anniversary hosting weddings at the Wedding Pavilion by attending a renewal of vows complete with flashmobbing dancing groomsmen and bridesmaids, candy buffet, celebrity speakers including Carley Roney from, David Tutera from  My Fair Wedding and to top it all off, Cinderella’s glass chariot. Whew…

You know, just your typical press event.

We attended another press / family dinner announcing the launch of Disney Junior and another celebrating Disney’s new initiative Magic of Healthy Living. These events featured celebrity and Disney character appearances and allowed the families to interact in a social environment while bloggers learned new and exciting things about Disney.


The Friday conference for the moms (and a few dads) was packed with inspiration – hosting speakers who shared both tips on social media and the struggles of being a mom.   Speakers included Matt Jacobson head of marketing at Facebook, Renee Syler (everyone’s new bff) a former tv celebrity, now author of Good Enough Mother, Fran Capo, comedienne and the fastest talking woman, Chris BroganSusan Egan, Belle of Beauty and the Beast and award winning composer Georgia Stitt.


Motivational and inspirational all with a Disney twist.

It’s great to attend an event with your family and also connect with your fellow bloggers and their families.  I think that’s one of the best parts about this celebration.  We love meeting our blogger friends in real life, but being able to put a face with the families we hear so much about and read about every day on each other’s blogs is a priceless experience.

Attending the Disney Social Media Moms was a “sweetheart deal” and tickets, accommodations, entertainment and meals were either given gratis or greatly discounted.

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  1. Hello there!
    I just join the O2O community and I love it. I was able to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Event also.. it was fabulous. Wish we had had a chance to meet..

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