Cross Post Time Savers for Bloggers

By Enzie Shahmiri

cross post time savers for bloggers

As many of you know I am an artist and blogger and both activities fill up my days and keep me pretty busy. As a creative, sharing images in a visually pleasing way is very important and in the past, I had to go from one site to another to post my images so they would show up larger than the dreaded postage size. That was a very time consuming task and quite a hassle to say the least.

Always on the lookout for the best ways to share my work on my social networking sites, I finally found a great solution to cut time through the use of two free online services that I like to share with you today. One is Magenta River and the other IFTTT, both great time savers for bloggers!

magenta river 

What is Magenta River?

Magenta River is a free cross posting service that can be used by bloggers who are on Google Plus. After registering, add links to all your social networking sites and let Magenta River know how you want to have posts published.

Magenta River has poller servers communicating with Google Plus servers to check for new posts. When a new post is detected it is added to a cache and then sent out to your social networking sites. All cross posting is done through their servers and it works on all platforms.

I love this service, because I only post once and my blog posts travel to all my social networking sites and are published with large images and the hashtags I assign to them for easy searchability!

How to use Magenta River

  1. After you register, input all your social networking sites.
  2. Bloggers on Blogger can automatically share their posts to Google Plus, however the image of the blog post will be small.

– To post large images to all social networking sites follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Plus and write the title of your post or some catch phrase. Use Bitly and shorten the link of your blog post and add it to your catchphrase. Add hashtags and upload a large image that was used in the blog post.

I keep it short, because posts will publish to Twitter as well with images and text. You can always add more writing after the hashtags, that way if Twitter cuts off the text your writing will still make sense.

  1. Share publicly to your Friends and Extended Circles on G+ and anyone else you might want to add by doing + and the name. Hit Share.
  1. You will see your post right away on Google Plus and then Magenta River will create replicas of your post on all the social networks of your choice with large images, the link your blog and hashtags.

You can also publish to 500PX on Flickr, but I would only do that with images you own.

Here is something I posted on my blog and then prepared it for sharing via G+. Note how the title is followed by a shortened link (use to shorten links) and hashtags. This large image will be posted through the Magenta River set up and IFTTT not only on G+, but on my Facebook Wall, Facebook Page, Linked In, Flickr and even Tumblr. Now how sweet is that?!

magenta river cross post example 

There will be instances when you want to share other things and have them automatically posts to your social networking sites. For items that are not linked with Magenta River try IFTTT.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT, which stands for “If this, then that”, is a service that is made up of recipes. The recipes are set criteria that trigger a set of events. For example:

If I pin something on Pinterest, it sets off a trigger to publish the image with a link to my Tumblr blog.

ifttt recipe example

How to use IFTTT

IFTTT requires no coding, you simply input a search title. Let’s use the above example and enter Pinterest in the search box. By scrolling through the recipes you can find several options that use Pinterest as the starting point and perform a trigger action with another criteria. Recipes that you use are saved on your page. Once you find a recipe that you like, input your social networking information and authorize IFTTT to link, then hit publish and the rest is done without you having to worry about it ever again. So now rather than having to go to Tumblr to add the lovely image you just found on Pinterest, the sharing is done for you. You can even perform a similar action to Facebook or share it to Twitter. It’s one less step in your already busy schedule that can be taken care of and has been proven to be a great time saver for me.

ifttt cross post examples

IFTTT has many searchable services, just browse through to find what works best for your needs.

I hope that these cross post services will be time savers for you. I love to hear of tips you might have for me so please leave a comment.


EnzieShahmiriMy name is Enzie Shahmiri and I am an artist and the voice behind the lifestyle blog Notably Wonderful. When I am not painting custom portraits of kids or pets, I am always looking for great finds that I can share with my readers. I love to shop, travel and eat great food and share every find on my blog with you 🙂



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