Cracking the Facebook Code

By Lindsay Ponta

Cracking the Facebook Code

Do you have thousands of Facebook fans? More traffic than you can keep up with and sky-high engagement rates?

Not so much…?

Well, forget about Facebook’s mysterious algorithms. They’ve finally completely done away with any sort of organic reach for us little guys. You’re not going to automatically show up ina anybody’s news feeds anymore unless you want to shell some cash.

Don’t worry though — I have a few tricks up my sleeve that’ll help give you a little boost.

Timing is Everything

Best Time to Post on a Facebook Page

1. There is a “best” time to post on Facebook. It’s just different for every page. Find out the best time to post on your page by using Facebook’s built-in analytics. From the Insights panel on your page, click over to the Posts tab. Your screen should look like the image above.

You can delve deeper into the analytics to find out what time is ideal for posting on any given day as well. Read more to find out about all the information you can glean from your Facebook Insights.

Scheduling a Facebook Post

2. Set it (for the right time) and forget it. The time that you’re writing your Facebook post is almost certainly not the ideal time to hit ‘post.’ Instead, you should schedule your posts for whatever time you chose in step one.

Facebook Post Types

3. Content is key, and one size does not fit all. Naturally, you want to share a new blog post everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and you absolutely should. Here’s the thing, though: those are all very different social networks. Different people follow you on each of those platforms, and they follow you for different reasons.

You can’t post the same exact content on every channel and expect to see impressive results. Facebook in particular is a highly visual platform, but you aren’t really restricted on how much written content you include, either.

When you’re sharing something on Facebook, try to vary the types of content to see what gets you the best engagement from your fans, and be sure to size everything properly:

  • Text-only: no graphic, may contain hashtags but no links
  • Image-only: no links, may contain hashtags or text
  • Link-only: pasting in a link and then deleting it after the thumbnail and preview text pop up
  • Link and text: same as link-only, but with added text and/or hashtags
  • Link with uploaded graphic: a custom graphic uploaded, with text and a link in the Facebook caption

Just keep trying different formats until you figure out what gets people talking on your page! You can check out my Blog Better series for more tips, tricks, and freebies.

Shrimp Salad Circus HeadshotA Digital & Social Media Specialist by day, Lindsay Ponta is the maker behind the DIY & lifestyle blog Shrimp Salad Circus. When she’s not elbow-deep in paint, cement, scraps of every craft supply imaginable, and a sad little pile of her own singed eyelashes, her very most favorite things in the world are travel, languages, animals, and photography.

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