CENTRUM® FIT-tastic Giveaway!

Recently, we gave our members an opportunity to help spread the word about a fun contest from CENTRUM®.

It’s a healthy living contest to GET FIT for summer and win a trip to LA and a one-on-one training session with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, creator of the 5 Factor Diet!

Can you imagine the wealth of information you could get from a session like that? Not to mention a high dose of motivation and encouragement!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is text the word “CENTRUM” along with an image of a Centrum multivitamin bottle to 89800 for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles to receive a personal training session with Harley himself, trainer to Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga to name a few.

The contest ends June 14, 2011, so there is still plenty of time to enter!

Also, if you go to CENTRUM’S Facebook page, you can find out more about their DAILY Wii Fit Plus giveaway!

But wait! There’s more! Here on the O2O Blog we are also giving away a Wii Fit Plus! Go ahead, jump for joy! It’s a great aerobic activity! (But if you win the Wii Fit Plus, don’t jump on the balance board, that’s highly discouraged.)

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment telling us your favorite way to work exercise into your routine. Do you walk, jog, Zumba, yoga, bike, hike or swim? Are you at  home exerciser or a go to the gym exerciser? Whatever it is, tell us in the comments to be entered to win a Wii Fit Plus!

Additionally, you can gain up to THREE more entries:

  1. If you are a One2One Network member, leave a comment telling us that you are a member. (Not a member? Sign up today!)
  2. LikeCENTRUM on Facebook
  3. Tweet this giveaway. You can write your own, or use this – I want to ‘Get Fit’ with a Wii Fit Plus from CENTRUM & @One2OneNetwork!

The Wii Fit Plus for this giveaway was provided by CENTRUM®. The giveaway closes at midnight EDT, Tuesday, May 17th. Winner will be chosen via Comment Contest and will be notified via e-mail. Winner will have 48 hours to accept their prize. If no response is given within that time, another winner will be chosen.


  1. I work exercise into my day by taking my dog for several walks a day. It burns off some of his excess energy and keeps me fit

  2. I am a o2o network member

  3. i like Centrum on facebook (Tanya Riley)

  4. Natalie says:

    I’m a member and like to take my two toddlers on long walks to tire them out 🙂 and get exercise for me too!

  5. I work exercise into my day in short bursts. Running up the stairs a few times, doing a bit of gardening, some jumping jacks during commercials. It works great since I know it will be over soon I make my best effort and don’t hold back.

  6. Zumba! We also do walks, I walk my oldest to school when the weather permits, and just play outside a lot: basketball, soccer, baseball.

  7. I’m a One2One member!

  8. I exercise by walking a mile at lunchtime in the neighborhood by my office.

  9. I’m a PROUD One2One MEMBER!

  10. I like Centrum on Facebook (of course I do – they make the vitamin I take every day!)

  11. Anything that I do fitness wise HAS to be at home. The nearest gym with childcare is about an hour away so not exactly practical for me. 🙂 A Wii Fit Plus would be perfect for expanding my workout options!

  12. I’m definitely an at home kind of exerciser. I try to switch it up frequently to avoid boredom.

  13. I’m a One2One Network member already.

  14. I already like Centrum on Facebook (Kathie Perez)

  15. I am an uber fabulous O2O member!

  16. I am a faithful gym member and look forward to my time either running or kickboxing away my stress.

  17. I ‘liked’ Centrum on Facebook.

  18. I like to walk, play Just Dance on my Wii, and once in a while I’ll do a work out On Demand.

  19. I am a O2O member!

  20. I am a O2O member!

  21. I love kickboxing!

  22. I am a Proud One 2 One Member!

  23. I am a Facebook Fan of Centrum. 🙂

  24. I like to workout and use the weights at the gym

  25. I am a one2one member

  26. I liked centrum on facebook

  27. Beverly Moore says:

    I’m a member of One2One Network member.

  28. Beverly Moore says:

    One2One Network member

  29. Beverly Moore says:

    Tweeted, retweeted from one2one, liked Centrum.

    I love swimming so in the summer we get a pool and I do water aerobics.

  30. I like to take long walks in the park, or walk to pick up groceries.

  31. I am a member of One2One network

  32. I like Centrum on facebook

  33. O2O member! I have lost 24 pounds since 2011 started by just keeping true to 3 basic but important lifestyle ‘musts’ 8 hours of sleep, 8 glasses of water, everything but in MODERATION, and I love my fitness sneakers! (No spam, so I won’t mention the name here, but you can always visit my blog and see which brand it is I use!) 🙂

  34. I ‘like’ Centrum on Facebook (and theirs is the only multi-vitamin I take daily!)

  35. I am a 020 member!

  36. I have recently rekindled my love affair with my treadmill!

  37. I tweeted this @1momjustsaying

  38. The way I work exercise into my routine is by doing “house work” daily from 2pm-3pm.I walk up and down the basement steps doing 2 loads of wash,sweeping,mopping,vacuum carpets,dusting and picking up toys! 3 times a week I do my hard cleaning such as moving appliances,yard and bedrooms,ect.I count 30 minuites each day that I walk my son to and from school,to the school is up a very steep hill! This is my way to work in my exercise daily!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  39. I’m a One2One Network Member!
    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  40. “Liked” Centrum on facebook shannon flora-johnson

    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  41. Tweeted @shannon717717

    shannpf1977 @ yahoo dot com

  42. I play with my kids and use my elliptical machine

  43. I am a one2one network member.

  44. I like centrum on facebook.

    Hollie s

  45. I tweeted about this @hennessee0509

  46. Wendy Atkin says:

    I walk and swim whenever weather permits. I so want a wii fit.

  47. Wendy Atkin says:

    I also liked Centrum on Facebook and posted to my wall.

  48. Melinda Singer says:

    I’m a One2One network member.

  49. My favorite way to get more exercise is to walk to the grocery store or the post office (and sadly to the donut shop – LOL!)

  50. I’m a One2One Network member! WAHOO!

  51. I Like Centrum on FB!

  52. Melinda Singer says:

    Each day starts out with a walk with my dog. I also try to get in some form of exercise later in the day, usually a dvd workout. I prefer to workout at home.

  53. Melinda Singer says:

    I liked centrum on FB.

  54. Melinda Singer says:

    I tweeted as @lindydnil

  55. go to gym with my hubby. 🙂

  56. follow CENTRUM on Facebook

  57. One2One Network member

  58. My husband and I joined a gym at the beginning of the month, but I have also been walking and trying to keep in shape for my breast cancer walks.

  59. O2O member

  60. Catherine says:

    I put my gym membership on hold for the summer and have been working out at home. Mostly weights, yoga and cardio focused DVDs.

  61. Catherine says:

    I’m a O2O member.

  62. I am a member

  63. I love to go for walks!!

  64. I am a member!! And love it!