Celebrating Passover and Easter with our Members

For many of our network members, this is a holy, holiday week full of family and traditions, contemplation and celebration. These occasions bring out all kinds of blog post from recipes and how-tos, to stories and memories of holidays past.

A major part of this week centers around food. The Jewish observance of Passover and the Christian celebration of Easter both have their quintessential menu items. We found some bloggers sharing their recipes and ideas for making the holidays delicious.

Shaina of Food For My Family shares the menu (with fabulous photos!) of a virtual Easter dinner with recipes from several of her blogging friends. Passover offers challenges, especially for mothers, due to it’s food restrictions. CultureMom made sure she was prepared this year to deal with her picky eaters during Passover. Ham is usually the star of the typical Easter Sunday dinner and Rachel has TWO recipes for ham that will have your guests and family reaching for seconds and thirds! If you’re the type to include “adult beverages” with your Passover or Easter meals, Zipporah has a couple of festive cocktail recipes for  you.

Another fun aspect of this holiday week are the plethora of crafts that one can come up with based on eggs, baskets and pastel colors! Maria of Plus Lily Makes Three shares an upcycle craft using egg cartons and Lolo shows us what to do with those cracked plastic eggs that are normally headed for the trash can.

If you’re putting together Easter baskets for your kids, Alicia and Jennae have frugal and eco-friendly ideas for making this holiday tradition a sustainable one. I especially like the suggestion from both of them to include “coupons” in the basket that are redeemable for special activities with Mom or Dad.

And with any holiday, there’s bound to be some angst, some drama, some dust up over the ways things are or ought to be. Isn’t great that we have blogging to get some of these things off our chests? To be able to tell a story from our experiences and help others through their own times of dissonance? Melisa found that some friendships are not meant to last, Sarah’s Easter will be unconventional because this year, normalcy is elusive and Julie gives us a peek into what holidays as an interfaith family look like.

On final, very light-hearted note, we present the results from our website poll about the perfect chocolate Easter bunny:

Milk Chocolate – 54.7%
Dark Chocolate – 30.3%
White Chocolate -11.7%
Hollow – 13.2%
Solid – 28.5%
Filled with peanut butter – 22%
Filled with caramel – 18.7%
Nutty – 9.8%
Crispy – 11.1%
Extra-long earred – 15.3%
Gourmet – 22%
Drug-store variety – 3.4%
other – 4.1%

images from Microsoft ClipArt online


  1. Thanks so much for including my post about making a frugal Easter basket! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I seeing it led me to re-read my own post which is so meaningful this week. Love looking back on the memories.

  3. Thank you so much for linking up to my Egg Shakers! So excited!

  4. A lovely post, Happy Passover!

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