Want Maximum Work-At-Home Productivity? Try Trello!

By Keianna Rae Harrison for Mompreneur Ink As a work-at-home Mompreneur with two demanding little boys in tow, I need every second of my workday to count. In order to achieve maximum productivity with a schedule that is often as unpredictable as my six-month-old’s mood, it’s important to have a work routine planned down to […]

Time Management for Bloggers

by Bonnie Dewkett Running a small business is always challenging. There are never enough resources: time, space, and money in particular. By freeing up time, we can focus on things that are important to the success of the business, such as social media marketing. While social media marketing does not cost anything to use, the […]

Pinterest: More Than Just Pretty, Pretty Fun

Pinterest is the latest and greatest Internet obsession that has everyone talking. It’s one of those things that I wish I had thought of. It makes perfect sense, especially to those who are highly visual learners, like me! If you’re not familiar with it, I find that the best way to explain it is as […]

Back to School – a Flair for the Organized

Whether they are keeping up with their schoolwork or making the home more organized these moms are on the ball when it comes to back to school See what Monica at Pea Pod Squad came up with to organize those triplets! “I created this chart that shows the expected morning routine. I just stuck it […]