New Year, New You

One of the most popular resolutions made at the start of a new year is to lose weight. Gym memberships increase, pantries get cleaned out and people head to the bookstore or for the year’s newest diet. With that in mind, we were very pleased to be able to offer our members the opportunity […]

Featured Member: Keonte’ Smith

Keonte’ Smith is the blogger at Mommy 2K. She’s mom to one son and godmother to one goddaughter, she lives in Maryland (all her life!) and loves the outdoors. It was wonderful to catch-up with Keonte’ and hear her answers to these questions that we’ve been asking all of our featured members. 1. What do […]

Featured Member: Jenny Rapson

Jenny is a stay-at-home mom of two children with another one on the way. She co-authors the blog, Mommin’ It Up with her cousin, Emily. While reading through her “100 Thing About Me” list, I learned Jenny is not short for Jennifer, she is just Jenny, she can do a “wicked Jan Brady impression”, and […]

Congratulations to our Winners!

The past three weeks have been full of excitement and anticipation. Over 500 of our members entered our BlissDom ’11 giveaway contest! There were 1300+ comments, hundreds of tweets on Twitter and posts on Facebook all spreading the word not only about the BlissDom contest but also about One2One Network. Thank you all for your […]

Featured Member: Jennifer Leet

This week we get to know Jennifer Leet, the blogger behind the site, The Dirty T-Shirt. Jennifer is a homeschooling mom of three. She started blogging to update family about her children but quickly found a passion and talent that turned into a business. While she mainly does reviews and giveaways, you can still find […]